I'm searching after Thicc Boss 47

Hello people I’m a new guy. I came to this forum becouse I want to ask your help! I know its weirde but if anybody know something please tell me in this topic.

So theres an online friend of mine who goes by the name of Thicc Boss 47 on youtube me and alot of people were made a good friendship whit him (or her) in a stream chat, but he went gone with out a word for a few months by now. If finde out he was a member in a hitman forum, I don’t how much hitman forum out there besides this but I hope I’m in the right place. Thicc Boss, if you are in this server please respond cuz a lot of us worry for you.

So if anybody know something about Thicc Boss 47 please tell me.

heres a link to his channel:


I like how your name is a combination of the three iconic stealth heroes.

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