"I'm With The Band" Challenge Pack

The “I’m with the Band” Challenge Pack is your perfect opportunity to join the famous Santa Fortuna band.

We’ve added five new band-related challenges to Santa Fortuna, and you’ll need to figure out the best way for success – with your one hit wonder, to complete them and earn the unlock.


Feel Good Hit Of The Stunner: Pacify each Band Member with a Cocaine Brick, while disguised as a Musician. Completing this challenge unlocks 4000 mastery XP.

More Bass in the Monitors: While disguised as a musician, cause an explosion on stage as the band plays. Completing this challenge unlocks 1000 mastery XP.

Strung Out: Use the Cello in the mansion while disguised as a Musician. Completing this challenge unlocks 2000 mastery XP.

Impromptu Jam Session: Bring all band members back to the party house alive, while disguised as a musician. Completing this challenge unlocks 4000 mastery XP.

The After-Party: Join the band in the bar after the gig for a drink, while disguised as a Musician. Completing this challenge unlocks 1000 mastery XP.

I’m With The Band: Complete all of the I’m With The Band challenges. Completing this challenge unlocks the violin melee weapon and 4000 mastery XP.

When you’re successful, you’ll get rewarded with something all band members should have in their life. Their very own Violin.



Should be dropping in about 30 mins!

it’s already live!


Elvis has entered the building!

I didn’t know the band would get together after the statue reveal, never stuck around for it. These challenges don’t sound that hard. Maybe the party house one could be tricky, since I don’t really know what that’s all about.

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Nice one! let me know how the Violin is anyone when you’ve unlocked it.

just start playing the challenge pack i think this is the worst in hitman 2; challenges are just boring to do like drag all the musicians in the drummer room, wait till the show is over just to have a drink with them, it is just a waste of time. :rage:

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Wait a sec. I have to kill almost every single guard there to get this challenge. What a…

Or lure every musicians with coins in the room

Yes. This challenge is so stupid. Thanks.


After 20 minutes i finally did it what a shitty challenge

The only thing that is good in this challenge pack is to listen the band play the music :heart_eyes:

I followed your advice and maybe i’m not good but i can’t move where i want with the coins. Even if i place them in front of their face. There is always a guard or civilian that ruins everything. I must find another solution.

Anyone know if the Violin breaks after one melee attack?

It breaks after a throw.
So far you hold it, it seems doesn’t break


I like the Queens of the Stone age reference in the first challenge’s title but that’s about it.

I know there are songs that require you to smash your head through your timpani as part of the sheet music, but I’ve never heard of one that involves throwing your violin at the audience.

You could try the weapon lure trick though.:wink:



If you use it in a close-combat it won’t break, but if you drop it or throw it at someone it will. Nearly as breakable as Crystal Ball.

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Because it goes with the theme of the month
‘jungle music‘

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