"I'm With The Band" Challenge Pack

I wish I’d know too.

i like the sound it makes when you hit someone with it


Worked totally fine for this challenge :smiley:


Can the follow trick be used on several NPCs at the same time? I was thinking of luring all 3 musicians to have a big party in that house, but I couldn’t be bothered to and just killed every guard + drag.

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Yes that will work, you just need three different weapons as far as i know…
I think @theWizard has the most experience with this technique :+1:


Yeah in theory I think you can lure at least 7 npcs using seven different weapons at the same time. But it’d be a helluva maneuver to pull off since you’re avoiding 7 npcs to catch up to you.

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Ya’ll make this shit look so easy. But I’ve not been able to pull it off yet. I’m giving it 5 attempts and then the AK is coming out.


i feel like this is a nice compromise between items like the snowball (one-time use) and items like the fish (infinite usage).
the compromise we didnt need but we have anyway.


I tried too. Still the fucking npc goes to the nearest guard warning him about the gun or the guard itself goes there. Anyway I decided to kill the guards with a simple “trick”. I knocked out the mucisians on the stage, I killed the 4 guards who were in the square, then I started to camp in the right corner of musicians stage (near the electric piano) waiting for more guards.

They can still kill you but you have to be very noob to die there. For some reason, camping in that corner it just give you some advantage.

i waited for the band to stop playing, bumped into the 3 a few times while waiting for the guards to leave, then knocked them out and dragged them to the house. super easy, and its close to the party house anyway

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the detail on this violin is actually so good


A fine instrument with precious details and some engraving, used to beat the crap out of people.


This should be the item description. :wink:


Without clear the area? I mean there are two guards roaming and other two where you knocked the band. No one see you?

you can time it so the guards arent coming your way. only guard i took out was that guy guarding the road right infront of the partyhouse

Few interesting things I discovered concerning the challenges:

  1. The bloodstained cocaine brick counts towards the “Feel Good Hit Of The Stunner” challenge. You shouldn’t need to use the blood brick, but it’s nice they took the time to make it a viable option.

  2. If you drag all the band members to the house while in a different disguise, but then switch into the drummer, the challenge, “Impromtu Band Session” will be completed.

  3. For the “More Base in the Monitors” challenge, I tried to use a breaching charge as in the hope to not disrupt the band so I could do a clean no restarts run, but I couldn’t get the challenge to pop.

Just a few little interesting details I found. Enjoy the violin!


There are three targets in the mission and three musicians needs to be pacified with cocaine brick.
So, kill all 3 targets in order to make blood bricks from them and then pacify the 3 musicians with that three bloody cocaine bricks.
Who’s up to challenge? :slight_smile:

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I don’t get what the issue is. Just ask them for a house party?


It’s really good but that bridge shape is wrong
It should be a curve
Like this one


Of course. The weapon fetch/chase thing. I wonder if they intended it to be done that way? :thinking:

I had the house where Andrea is - stuffed pretty well with local guards thanks to a guy outside the building helping me hoard them. Oh well.

I really should practice using that ‘trick’.