iMac PRO - Radeon PRO VEGA 64 16GB

I have an iMac Pro - with the graphic card mentioned in the title.
Now I installed Parallels, could download Hitman 2, but as already mentioned here, the PRO VEGA does not support DX11.

Is there any possibilty to overcome this problem?
Hitman 1 - for Mac - works PERFECTLY flawless.

Thanks guys in advance!!

Wow that sucks. Windows users, who have issues with a certain crash, make the game render with Vulkan. I guess you have iOS (Didn’t know Hitman supports this) but just in case you installed for whatever reason Windows on your Mac, try this:

Many hope DX12 will come back to Hitman 2, but I think that will not come too early.

You got an iMac Pro? Damn, that is one hell of a machine! Congratulations and have fun with it. Sorry, I do not play on PC so I have no idea what to do regarding your situation.