Image file hosting

So, I’m sure this is going to shock a lot of you - but it turns out on a video game forum people post a lot of images and over time those images take up a LOT of space.

Recently, I decided to clear up 15+ gigs of space on this server by migrating all the images from before the last server migration onto a cheaper hosting service.

The bad news is I can’t guarantee every post with an old image was properly updated
The good news is it looks like the only posts that weren’t updated were ones that are deleted/otherwise out of site and anything else can be manually updated.

So, if you do find anything recently out of order with some old, but not entirely ancient images - please let me know. Otherwise, nothing to see here folks.


Well on one of my topics is not showing but it’s ok (Making the Blackballer) but the Silverballer Mark 2 has everything. Seems only the topics and posts before 2017 got affected.
Perhaps you can fix this one? If not, not really a problem. I like it because I keep some old images on it and has a 52.7k view.

Thanks for the warning.

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Interesting… seems there a few them slipped by - fortunately the fix is easy. I’ve fixed those (I think)

Right click on the broken image and select “Open in new tab”

In the new tab, change “” with “” and hit enter.
Select the image’s URL, then copy and paste it over the old entry in the post.

Save the edit.



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Rip avatars lol


Hopefully not… though that bit is tricky since where avatars are stored has changed four times since we started using this software… hurray.

Profile background images may have vanished, but those are locatable via a similar method.

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I see the avatars just fine once in the topic, but on the overview screen a lot of them appear as a white generic profile character.

They’re loading fine on mine… does anyone mind providing a screenshot?

This is your avatar URL:

Viewed in Firefox on Win 7

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same for me on mobile

Lol on my mobile it works.

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Thank you, when I get home from work I will look into some solutions to restore avatars.

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No problems with google chrome on win 10 laptop


Found 1 missing @Blownslt

You should take a look at Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread,there’s some good stuff there

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Doing a thing that should hopefully fix that now… it’ll only take… five hours (I’m doing it so it’ll have minimum impact on the forum)

Still looking into the avatars thing.


Got sometimes this error today, in case you get no notification.


The software powering this discussion forum encountered an unexpected problem. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Detailed information about the error was logged, and an automatic notification generated. We’ll take a look at it.
No further action is necessary. However, if the error condition persists, you can provide additional detail, including steps to reproduce the error, by posting a discussion topic in the site’s feedback category.

Yeah part of the joy of this board being so long running is some of the upgrades have had… unforeseen consequences.

This should stabalize properly once the script finishes running in a couple of hours.

On the bright side - it fixed a lot of images.


So I’ve been looking into this and the short story is: RIP old avatars

The longer story is that the system for avatars actually uses a really, really complex “generate on demand” system so there’s no system to working out which ones could be easily converted and shipped back and no way to update the links for avatars and profile backgrounds.

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so, am i gonna be stuck looking at gray avatars forever? :<

Well unless people replace them with updated avatars… so generally only on old posts.

Part of the issue is that it literally generates different avatars for list view, thread view, profile view, profile preview, (and then all the again in mobile view)