Images not loading

A number of images:
hwk 21
hwk 21 MK II
ICA DTI Stealth
Most target images for escalations. aren’t showing, justt a buffer symbol

In addition id like to applaud the consumer friendly decisions to make seasonal events, escalations, and previously timed items unlockable ffor all.

i would like to request and unlock tree, so i don’t have to check every challenges tab for every entry for escalations etc. it very annoying to complete this game because of that.


If you want this issue to be fixed, you better provide additional info like where it’s happening (in the mission, on loading screen, in the inventory, etc), the platform you’re playing on and maybe the time when it happens, in the morning, in the afternoon, at night or always.
Also it might be faster to reach developers if you create a support ticket in HITMAN 3 Support Hub here:

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