Impossible do play the game beside the Prologue


Hello everyone,

I downloaded the prologue for Hitman today, after finishing it i was offered to buy the upgrade to the GOTY edition.
Wich contains (as you can see on the description and image on the xbox STORE) the 1st season, “patient zero” campaign, but after all i found my self unaible to play anything else but the prologue.

I can not play any mission from the 1st season or new campaign.

Anyone have an idea how to get some help from I/O about that kind of problem ?

Thanks for any answer.


have you tried to uninstall and install again ?


Is on the Xbox or PS?


Check the installation is valid on the XBox store.
There’s a lot to download between the Prologue and the whole game…


It sounds like everything did not download.
Select the game then select manage. See if more files have to download.

This is assuming you have an Xbox One.


Hi, Did you purchase the GOTY Edition or GOTY Upgrade?


If you only bought the prologue, you are not able to buy or play the full game on the xbox one anymore. In case you want to play the whole game of hitman, you need to buy the HITMAN GOTY Edition again.

Your Prologue is worthless now buddy.




thanks for all the reply.

Its on xbox one.
I puchased the goty upgrade.

I downloaded first hitman (21GO), i finished the prologue then baught the goty upgrade but i ended up only with a dwnload of the bonus outfit and patient zero campaign wich are not working.

I tried uninstall and reinstall the game and upgrade but no luck.
i tried supress my account and re dwload it no luck either.
I erased the xbox cash no luck their.

According to xbox and square enix support the problem is on I/O INTERRACTIVE side but they do not offer support like XBOX OR S.ENIX do.

So im a bit stuck for now and looking for answer everywhere i can.


OKay so according to you when you have the prologue, you finish it, the game offer you (BY POPUP) to unlock all the first season and the patient zero campaign by purshasing the UPGRADE GOTY, you pay for the upgrade then you still do not have the ability to play any of the episodes including the patient zero campaign and it’s normal ?

I don’t think so.

If so why does the game offers you to purshase the UPGRADE instead of THE FULL GOTY EDITION ?

I would of understood if the game offered me to buy the FULL GOTY EDITION , i would of had the possibility to do it or not.

But in game i was offered to buy the UPGRADE GOTY so i have some trouble understanding beeing stuck after paying for something i can not use.

if you find that normal or logical let me know.


Have you gone into the game file itself?
And went to mange game?


Hello, yes i did.
I tried also to ge the Hitman game (full game with 1st season) from a friend, i was able to install it, and to use play the game normally.
I uninstalled it and all the content and tried to use download and install all the game and pack from the xbox store but still the same issues


Try hitting up Xbox Support on Twitter. They answer pretty quickly.


hello, i already contacted xbox support, square enix support and for both of them the issue is not comming from my end but from I/O. I still wait for an answer from them and i can guarantee that i am not going to purshase any other game or content coming from I/O due to their lack of interest in that kind of problem considering the number of players having trouble and the absence of support from I/O.

It’s really sad but i ain’t going to let them take my money and just sit on my hand.


The issue seems to be that you own the Prologue and have then purchased the GOTY Upgrade, instead of the GOTY Edition. As you’ve said that the pop-up told you to buy the upgrade, we’ve double checked that set-up and it appears to be working as intended; meaning that players are pointed towards the GOTY Edition.

Have you at any other point had anything else related to HITMAN installed? We’re in the dark as to why the GOTY Upgrade was offered to you and not the GOTY Edition.

The GOTY Upgrade specifically has a note to avoid this from happening:
"You must own either ‘HITMAN - The Complete First Season’, ‘HITMAN - Upgrade Pack’ or have individually purchased all episodes from Season 1 to be able to use this item. Search for the other ‘HITMAN Game Of The Year Edition’ options if you do not own any of these items.

Right now, you won’t be able to play the locations from the game as you don’t own them. You can either purchase the GOTY Edition to unlock them or contact Microsoft about the options that you have from here. If we can help anymore, please update the thread.