Impossible to connect to the serveur


Hi there,

I try to be connected to the hitman serveur. But impossible ! Someone can help me ? I’m on PS4



i have had the same problem as well connecting to the servers seems its only ps4.


Me too, since 6 hours. Hitman stats says ps4 server is down:


I hope tomorrow it’s gonna be done with all that Sh** !!


Everything it’s normal now.

Thank for the help


est ce que de votre coté les serveurs sont open


Hey @Watson @Kent, consider blocking this account and please remove this message, this is a very poor phishing attempt :confused:
I believe I saw the same link in another server post, but did not really think about it.


Bonjour est ce que le serveur hitman absolution fonctionne en mode contract ?


Same here and My Internet connection is Perfectly fine


The user is having an issue with the connecting to the serveur which will be going to manage it through netgear r6700 review will access the steps for them to guide in their respective work.