Improve the Rating System

The rating system as it is right now in Hitman 3 is not good. You take one step into a trespassing area, without knowing it’s a trespassing area and lose Silent Assassin. Also, the rating screen after completing a mission barely tells you anything. I wish it would tell you exactly how many witnesses you had, how many bodies found, bullet impacts noticed etc. The rating names that were in the older games are nice but the rest of the rating system is still not great.

Edit: Also, maybe more stuff could affect the rating a bit, like after a certain amount of bullet impacts noticed you’re rating goes down to professional, something like that (not the stars system though).

Edit 2: One thing they could do about the trespassing thing is that if you only step into a trespassing area you keep Silent Assassin, but if you walk a certain distance into trespassing area you lose SA. I think that would be better.

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Well in fairness, it’s not about entering a trespassing area - it’s about being seen entering a trespassing area. Once an NPC sees you, yeah, you lost Silent Assassin.

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Yeah but one step into a trespassing area? I don’t think it is good, and it feels unfair when you don’t know it’s a trespassing area.

Most trespassing entrances have one or two stationary guard. Yeah, it sucks sometimes when you have 47 running, but if you are quick enough you can quickly back out and not lose SA.

Eliminate 4-Star Silent Assassin ratings so failing an optional objective or complication makes the rating Professional. Oh and make the change retroactive.


I think the rating system could be improved and expanded on, but to say it’s not good is ridiculous. It serves its purpose of providing a challenge well and doesn’t get in the way of fun too much. Stepping a foot into a trespassing area and getting spotted is irrelevant to the rating system, it’s just something that should probably be better handled gameplay wise. No matter how the rating system is, it still aggros NPCs a bit too easily. But it’s not like it can’t just be avoided next time.

I think limiting bullet usage like you described would make the rating system much worse and discourage staying in the level for longer, which many may prefer to do. Trespassing buffers like you described already exist in H3 to an extent, but they’re not used as often as they should be. Again, not really relevant to the rating system itself though.

If you want a bad rating system, go back to the early 2016 builds heh.

Way worse than older Hitman games though :frowning:

Also, maybe not the bullet impact thing, but I think more things could be included in the rating system.

Edit: The trespassing thing is related to the rating system, since one step into a trespassing area loses silent assassin if you get spotted (which you do most of the time because there’s usually people in front of or in a trespassing area).

I do think the silent assassin and general rating system does need some work, however just not really in the field of trespassing. I think it makes sense that when 47 is caught trespassing (and the individuals who saw are still alive at the end of the mission) it counts as being “spotted” and voids silent assassin. The only problem with this part of the system is that trespassing in all areas at all levels is equally as bad. Going behind the counter at the local ice cream parlor and being escorted out without incident in about 30 seconds is counted as being equally as bad as being seen trespassing within the mansion grounds on the same day the owner dies. Although it’s completely understandable as the current system both has an “all or nothing” standard and it’s a lot more tedious to program different levels of “trespassing bad” for every single trespassing zone. You would also have to make the system more dynamic under a flexible system (Ex. if someone was sniped from the roof of that ice cream parlor, the importance of being caught trespassing should shoot to maximum)

This new system was mainly made to combat blood money’s flaw of “trespassing in a suit doesn’t count as trespassing”, but I do think it can be a bit overreaching at times

My main issue with the current silent assassin system is mainly in nontarget casualties. Not being able to kill nontargets in any fashion in accidents or by other means feels a bit too strict and can kill player freedom. I would like a system more in line with Hitman: Contracts, where you can kill one armed NPC (like a guard or soldier) with any means without losing silent assassin, and can other NPC’s with accidents without voiding silent assassin. I understand why this was changed though, as dumping the entire map over a railing after knocking them all unconscious and getting silent assassin is a bit silly and defeats the point of the grace implied with the rank.

I mean that it’s not a problem with the rating system in that what you describe is just a flaw in usability and player-friendlyness, not the rating system itself. There’s nothing wrong with having a “Never Spotted”. Therefore, it’s not the rating system’s fault. The flaw is the actual mechanics of getting spotted itself. And again, I disagree that it’s worse than older games to be honest (you seriously can’t say it’s more punishing than the pre-BM games). While I loved H2SA and Contract’s system where budgeting was key and it tracked everything, I don’t think those things work for the more open and elaborate maps in WoA.

I do agree that NTKs feel like they limit options somewhat, but I don’t think this is a rating system issue either… this is an issue with our strong adherence to “silent assassin”. So what if you don’t get “silent assassin” if you pull off a cool run while ignoring the NTK aspect? You still get 4 stars. That’s just like still having 80% stealth rating in H2SA… and you can judge for yourself whether that’s “enough” based on how cool what you did was. In this case, the rating system isn’t limiting us, we’re limiting ourselves with our own psychology around “5 star silent assassin” being the be-all and end-all.

I feel like getting an NTK should lose silent assassin because avoiding collateral damage is a huge aspect of the Hitman ethos. It doesn’t mean you can’t play that way, it just means you’re probably not playing like Agent 47 canonically would. That this feels so limiting again is down to our obsession with “maxing” the rating. Why not try to just get a high-ish rating while still doing a cool approach? You can choose whether you want to allow yourself to be spotted once or twice, or whether you don’t want to care about bodies found, or whether you don’t want to care about NTKs.

People even complain about the prospect of being able to get “4 star silent assassin”, so clearly just giving “silent assassin” even though you still didn’t achieve the max possible rating is something that still bothers people. People wanting 5/5 stars is like wanting 100% stealth in H2SA, which obviously gives no freedom as that requires getting “all zeroes”. At the end of the day most of this is arbitrary and the importance of all of it is up to us to decide.

TL;DR: Stop being scared of 4 stars. If you can do a cool run with the max rating you can, it doesn’t really matter what the game says at the end. Now to self-plug a run where I only got 4 stars, but it was totally worth it (and technically it should’ve been 5 as my ‘NTKs’ were the targets themselves, but who cares lol).

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It’s not 4 stars or anything I’m talking about, what I want is a new rating system that isn’t so ‘one or the other’. Basically I mean you’re either spotted or not spotted, or there are either bodies found or no bodies found, why can’t it show exactly how many bodies were found, exactly how many witnesses there were etc, and base the rating on that?

I also think it’s weird how even if you have everything else perfect, one step into a trespassing zone that you don’t know is trespassing is silent assassin gone. Hope that makes sense

Edit: By the way, it must have been something else in your Hitman run because if you are noticed only by the targets and then take them out without them telling anyone, you get SA back. Also, what did you mean by NTK? If you mean ‘noticed kills’ then that particular part of the rating doesn’t really mean anything since most of the time that goes along with ‘no bodies found’ and ‘never spotted’.

I agree with what you said about the rating system from Hitman Contracts, that makes sense.

Edit: Also, maybe they could show trespassing areas on the map/minimap. I know it would be a lot of work but it would show players exactly where is a trespassing area so it would never feel unfair.

I agree that showing the number would be great, but what you described is no different in terms of the actual rating. Even if it showed the count, you still should lose 5-star SA if even 1 body is found. You still should lose 5-star SA if you’re spotted even once. Agent 47 never gets spotted, never gets any bodies found. The ultimate rank needs to be reserved for the ultimate ‘silent assassin’. And honestly, if anything the rating system is actually super lenient. I mean, have you seen this kind of shit?

Yes, it does make sense, and I’ve already said multiple times that this is not a rating system issue, but merely an avoidable gameplay issue of poor indication of trespassing zones in some areas as well as guards being a bit too strict. To fix this, the rating system can stay completely the same, all you have to do is add a new AI behaviour for escorting the player out of “slightly into trespassing” without “spotting” them. Even with your proposed change to the rating system, it wouldn’t make a difference as you still get +1 spotted or +1 body found in the same situations, and having even one of those deserves a lower rating than getting none at all. But you can still play for 4 stars, or 3, or none if you really feel like it.

And again, you eventually just learn the map well enough to avoid them and it’s no longer a problem. The older games could be way harsher about this IME.

If you watch you can see I get 2x NTK because I had the targets die in accidents during the briefing, before the game considered them officially targets. In Mendoza, when starting at the first starting location, the targets are only marked as targets after you talk to Diana and hear who she wants you to kill, or after you leave the viewing platform area. Killing one beforehand = 1x NTK (even though it still completes the objectives). I used a trick to get the game to let me leave the viewing platform and come back before talking with Diana (explained here).

This is something that was in the 2016 ALPHA I believe, but I guess it proved too complicated for the developers. It’s likely an improvement we’ll get to see in future releases (and likely the rating system will evolve too).

Possibly they could do what Hitman Contracts does and allow you to get away with a little bit of something (like Courier6 said), where you can maybe get away with killing one armed NPC without losing silent assassin, or maybe it should stay strict, not sure.

This makes sense and is a good idea.

Basically I want a more detailed rating screen that actually shows you exact numbers for different things, and base the rating on that, instead of you got spotted once for trespassing, and lose ‘never spotted’. I’m not sure exactly how to put it into words but it’s maybe too simple compared to previous games (as I said I’d like exact numbers). But I see what you mean as well

Edit: I also think it’s a bit too harsh (like losing ‘never spotted’ for trespassing, but if you are spotted killing someone you also lose ‘never spotted’, I feel like one of those is worse and it could be more detailed).

Edit: I guess there’s a lot of things they could improve or change about the rating system, but I don’t know really

It has been the case for H1 and H2 that once you enter an area that is off limits in the outfit you’re wearing, and you are seen doing so, even a little bit, you can lose SA ranking. It doesn’t happen immediately; there’s a yellow arch and a hissing sound that lets you know it’s about to happen, so you do have time, albeit a very short amount, to step back over the line.

This has also existed before the current trilogy, so I’m not sure I see the issue now.

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Throw the rating system out and put the money system in, Codename 47 Style!

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silent assassin is meant to be the peak rating, so i’d personally prefer the strictest criteria. they added more atomised ratings with h3, which i was very happy with.

in terms of accidentally getting spotted trespassing, that’s on the player and learning the map, isn’t it? maybe it’s just me, but i find the vast majority of ‘secure’ areas in woa are pretty readable as they tend to approximate real life social spaces. are there any you find particularly difficult to parse?

that with the blood money newspaper would be ideal for me.

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And the customization.

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I try to go for no witnesses and no bodies found, so for me personally these numbers wouldn’t make much of a difference.
Bullets fired, shots hitting an npc, bullet impacts heard etc. could be an interesting statistic, but I wouldn’t want these measures to have an impact on the actual rating. For me the rating works great as it is :slight_smile: