Improving "A Gilded Cage" (Marrakesh)


Good thread. Listing these points only gives more weight to the theory that Marrakesh was released too early and, that with time constraints, the dev team didn’t have enough time to add everything to the level that it needed.

There should certainly be more rooftop access, both in and outside the consulate, and at least one unconventional access point inside both school and consulate such as a drainpipe.

Phone booths are useless and could be used to call targets. In fact, if we could use a phonebooth we’d be able to call Zaydan and have enough time to climb the West Bazaar Roftops to snipe him as he walks through the street en route to the tunnel. As it is, the only use of phonebooths is against the 5 NPCs who are pre-programmed to use them. Electrocuting someone is good for creating a distraction for guards, I suppose.

There are a few reasons why I agree that the consulate enforcer NPCs are unbalanced. Firstly, with certain disguises such as consulate security, all 3 upstairs access points are enforced by stationary guards, all of which see through the disguise. At least one point should not have such an enforcer.

Second, some enforcers don’t make sense. Some can see through disguises that are not of their type. While not wrong per se (janitors being enforced by consulate security), some have no logic. For example, there’s an elite officer and a consulate security guard at the back end of the consulate, near the stairs. The elite officer can see through a consulate security disguise, but NOT through an elite soldier disguise?! Similarly, the consulate guard can see through an elite officer disguise. The only purpose behind this is to make it harder for the player to get past them in either disguise.


and more rooftops.

marrakesh need more flexibile exteriors
school <- rooftops -> embassy


I also agree a lot with the issues posted here, it all feels kind of rushed since there are great moments in the map…
Somehow i can’t shake the feeling that if we as demanding community where a bit more forgiving in the release times it would be a better product in the end… Since it’s difficult to fix a map when its released we are screwed for a long time. And after a jewl as sapienza where they clearly took more time it would be worth the wait… (they set a pretty high bar there)

All can be boiled down to imo a flawed release model… but okay, lets be kind and positive and hope the next ones will be great again (locations/episodes… bonus or not) can’t wait to the night in Marrakech!!


Speaking of the night version of Marrakesh.
Many of the areas that seems and feels empty, might be used and was created for the night version?
After all, they’re using the exact same layout, but only changes NPCs and tweaks a few areas, like the front of the embassy where the new tent is.
I look so much forward to it as well!!! :heart_eyes:


You literally nailed it I think. I agree with all OPs points 100%.

For me, the thing Marrakesh was missing badly, was that there were barely any accident kills. Chandelier type kills or fireplaces to drop explosives down or anything interesting like that. Apart from the toilet for Zaydan and the moose for Claus. Phones and puddles aren’t interesting. And the main targets never use them or walk in them.

Huge lack of accident kills, which add quite a lot of ‘fun’ to the game, for me. And you could see it also in the lack of number of challenges available in Marrakesh when compared to Sapienza or Paris (79 or something compared to 100/100).


Sapinza had so many ways to let the targets switch routine and funny back story, blew my mind… but this is what takes a lot of time to develop and test… IOI is not a big blockbuster developer and both previous episodes show they are capable of great things when allowed the time (Paris grew on me after some time) Hope SE is not rushing IOI to squeeze out the project in time… (i’m used that some great games are delayed years, but with this release model…).
Guess we will find out next locations, think they started developing Sapinza in the background for a long time…


Yes. I’m worried about that too. You know how they say not to judge bands for their first album, but for the discs after that, because they had all the time in the world to work on their first album, but then they get on a schedule where it becomes harder to realease fully polished projects.


While i pretty much agree with everything in this thread, i don’t think the lack of rooftop accesses is due to not having enough time, it’s just a design choice.


Think IOI is a great “band”, still find back the Danish humor/touch in Marrakesh, its just the ammount and wasted potential in the map.
But they want so much in a short time for so many types of gamers. Think as with bands it has to do with pressure from publishers. Conflict in artistic value and cold hard cash… or balance in product and market as a publisher would call it. Its why i started my own record lable (and affiliated with a lable with the same view).


Agreed, i mean we had cars in the garage aswell for accidents, and the railing to push the target over, but that’s pretty much it. I really miss the chandeliers, i realise they aren’t fitting in the consulate, nor in the school, but i wish there was more hanging stuff which you could drop on targets.


The big problem with Marrakesh is where the consulate and the school are placed, at the edges of the map. If both were closer to the center, so that you could go around it and therefore have more infiltrating possibilities, it would have been alot better already.

Edit: Imo this comes down to a bad design choice, not neccesarily a lack of time.


Rooftops like any added gameplay also take time to design, position, test and implement properly. Otherwise we get topics about the non added value of useless empty rooftopspace in Marrakesh :joy: (in that view just adding some traps, extra routine is also minor work…) Noticed how crappy the routine is from the fortune teller…? Rushed much???


Agree its bad choice, especially after such open levels, its like they fully abandoned the swiss cheese concept, but still some great Hitman maps where small and confined spaces… Its what happens inside what matters and Marrakesh feels like wasted space and potential.


Then again, every hitman game had levels that were not that great, got a really good feeling about the usa and thailand levels.


Fingers crossed my friend… imo they can leave the winter bonus if the make the next 3? ones “Sapienza great” :joy:


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Good post, I agree with most all of the points here. The embassy is not well designed.