Improving "Club 27" (Bangkok)

Did this for Showstopper, did it for World of Tomorrow. Did it For A Gilded Cage.
Here we go again.

As usual the suggestion for improvement should be specific to Bangkok, and not some game wide style improvements. This means no talking about, for instance, accents (which is a fair complaint, but not for this thread)

As usual suggestions will span from stuff that I believe could just be added in a patch, to stuff that would require a lot of work, and is unlikely to ever be done. The latter is interesting to bring up for design philosophy reasons (learning for future episodes/seasons).

Here we go.

Starting Presentation

This was a complaint I had in Marrakesh as well, but this time its for different reasons. Bascially, for both the default starting location, and for the suite, I feel like they are missing some spice.
For the default location, I suggest we start with 47 getting off a boat, onto the pier, and then let the camera glide into place for you to take control, instead of having him already stand there.
For the suite, 47 needs to stand on the balcony, Sapienza style. I see no reason why he’d just stand in the middle of the room. It seems odd.

Enforcers and Blending in in the Hotel

Enforcers are no where near as bad in Bangkok as they are in Marrakesh, but there are a few moments where you find that you have to do something that feels unnatural and kind of stupid to avoid getting spotted. Obviously there’s many ways to get into these situations by your own choice, and those are probably not possible to design around, but the situations I’m thinking of are in main strategies, which I don’t really think is OK.

First example is getting into Jordan’s suite dressed as a part of his crew. When you reach the last flight of stairs, there’s a crew member on top of it who will see through your disguise. Your immediate reaction is to stop and back down the stairs enough that he can’t see you, and wait for him to turn around. There should’ve been a blending place here. Just standing there feels unnatural and ruins immersion.

Then there’s Abel de Silva. If you give him rat poison in the bar and get him while he’s puking, there’s literally no way to go without either engaging in a lot of weird distractions, or running in order for NPCs not to detect you in time (if you go down to the dining area downstairs a girls behind a register is an enforcer as well).
This seems wrong to me. Obviously a lot of the NPCs around should know you’re not Abel de Silva, and I don’t want to make it stupid by having them tricked by the disguise, but surely this could’ve been worked out somehow? For instance, having the route through the dining area without Enforcers.

More Blending

It’s no secret that I love me some Blending. It comes as a surprise to me that certain blends weren’t simply cut and pasted. For instance, 47 sipping wine in the bar outside Abel de Silva’s private area… couldn’t this have been copied and pasted to all bars in the hotel? It would seems to me to be fairly unproblematic.
Same goes for 47 leaning onto railings and looking into the distance. It could’ve stood to be copied and pasted elsewhere. Certainly right next to where Ken Morgan makes his phone call would’ve been ace.

Too Few Paths to Jordan’s suite

It’s not that bad, but really, once you get to the floor beneath the suite there’s either the stairs, or climbing the balcony as alternatives of getting up there. There’s no other way. That’s two paths.

Just a fun, sort of nutsoid option I’ll suggest is to include a tight rope walker pulling off a stunt between the two suite roofs. You’d have to grab his disguise, perform the tight rope walk, and it would get you into a position where you could get into the window of the very top of the suite. :slight_smile:
But the point is simple. Two paths are too few. The various ways of getting Jordan to come down do help, but not enough in my opinion.

Where are all the guests staying?

Really, there’s like what… three hotel rooms that aren’t occupied by Jordan’s crew.

So maybe have a bunch of bungalows on the beach or something? I understand you can’t have that many rooms in the hotel, but it’s sort of distracting to see all of these guests and then realising there’s no possible way they could all be staying there.

Secondary Triggers

I’d love to see secondary triggers. Ken never goes to his suite unless you escort him.
Maybe there’s someone overseeing the cleaning of the suite, and you can clean it up, and then go to this person to report, after which someone will fetch Ken?
Or maybe you could somehow get Mrs Mookjai to get wind of the fact that the suite isn’t being cleaned fast enough and she heads up to give the workers a piece of her mind, after which it solves itself?

I mean, I get the need to not want timers, I really do. But there should be ways to avoid having to do the escorting just to get him up there.The same is true about getting Jordan to the atrium, or getting Dexy’s letter delivered. Have secondary triggers for that as well.


Disappointing again. This is obviously not the type of mission where sniping needs to be amazing and varied like I’d expect from Sapienza (good) and Marrakesh (bad), but the few shots that exist aren’t exciting. For a short moment I thought I had a cool one with ”Oops I did it Again” as a basis, but it turns out there’s no good sniping angles on the window Jordan and Ken stand by while arguing.

I also dislike the standard snipe on Jordan, which is basically a split second window of opportunity, and doesn’t strike me as very fun, and all the ones I’ve found on Ken are too close with too tight an angle to feel good.


I quite like the tuk-tuk escape, simply because it requires a repair first. It makes that escape a puzzle, which is always welcome. That being said though, there’s too few escapes for my liking. Maybe 47 could climb over the wall in the back somehow?

These are a few of my suggestions. Anyone else have any suggestions for this mission? Comments on mine?


I agree on almost all of this. Overall i really liked Bangkok though. I think its the best looking and most atmospheric level yet.


you didnt like that one? i thought it was a pretty satisfying shot. like u have to timeit.

have you tried the shot from the thirdfloor down to jordan walking by the studio? through the window behind the curtains? that was a tight shot


Oh, don’t get me wrong, I did quite like the level. I do these “Improving”-bits for all the levels, and no levels are beyond improvement.


I’m not particularly fond of the snipes where the targets head is visible for a split second and then disappears again.
I much prefer a clear shot from a good vantage point, maybe with something forcing you to wait for the right moment (like the target talking to someone who obscures the shot for a little while).

For me it’s a lot more about getting that cinematic sniping feeling. And really short windows of opportunity (probably less than a second or around a second in this case) don’t do that for me.


You can get Ken from the balcony of 47’s suite, while he is on his phone overlooking the river. Guards immediately converge on your room though.

You know what? I honestly never realized this. It’s a pretty good shot too. And if the rifle is silenced it seems like only Ken’s guard comes rushing.
Does seem too easy though. Literally just spawn in the room with a sniper there and take the shot. I would’ve preferred if it was a similar shot from another balcony.

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I like all the levels, but Club 27 is my least favorite. It looks nice but it’s just a big chunk of hotel and not much else. The beach should definitely be accessible. It’s ridiculous that you can’t get to it. The opportunities give you some nice options, but after that there’s not much to do.

So, add the beach, some music, and a party there. That automatically gives you another good sniping alternative.
Maybe you could by opportunity arrange to have the band actually play a set for the crowd (like the Paris fashion show) which would be interesting.
It needs a larger outdoor area like Paris had; it feels claustrophobic for a resort. I would also like to see some wildlife, exotic birds, etc.
The few rooms that are in the hotel should have npc interaction going on more in them. Use some balcony hopping.
I still think it’s good, but when I play the other levels, I find more interesting things to do.

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Shame there is not a helicopter escape. Would be logical for hotel resort in rainforest to have at least one heli-pad.


Nice analysis like always.
I’d only add that having an elevators would have made this level even better.
Maybe have one to work and other to be in process of repairing.That would give us even more options and make level more unique.
It really feels like a wasted opportunity,not to mention that it’d make navigating hotel less annoying (I don’t think anyone is having fun running up and down the stairs all the time)


The one enforcer who annoys me in Bangkok is the guy on the front desk. There are three bellhops hanging around and one of them sees through pretty much every disguise you might be wearing.


Your’re right. I also think an elevator from deep inside the kitchen (where you need a disguise) up to Jordan’s suite (for private delivery of food for the exclusive guests) might’ve been cool as well.


Even if the elevator does not work (for whatever reason they’ve been excluded from level design), an ‘out of order’ elevator could still be in the game, allowing 47 to climb into the shaft and navigate the map unseen. Maybe he has to use the crowbar/breaching charge to get the doors open from inside the shaft.


Strangely this appeals to me more than a working elevator. Very cool idea. :slight_smile:






Maybe like a dumb waiter that 47 could squeeze into and haul himself up to the top floor from the kitchen!
That would make an interesting animation too.

I don’t have anything to add so i’m just going to give your post one of these millennial emojis :ok_hand:

Agree with everything 100%. Especially like the idea of the sniper shot where someone is blocking the target and you have to wait for your shot. Small details but I love that kind of thing.


I agree with most of your points. I think this map could have really been my favorite if they had made a few changes. Mostly when it comes to the way triggers work.

Ken Morgan is probably my least favorite target to kill so far. In more than half of my playthroughs I end up sniping him from 47’s suite just to get on with it and focus on Jordan (love that sniping spot btw). That could have been avoided if he eventually made his way to the queen’s suite by himself for example.

And I too have to skip that boring starting presentation, like you said there’s about a milion ways they could have made it less boring.

I get what you mean with that. Although, I’d say that that is a “sniping skill” moment. A good sniper should be able to take the shot in that split second.
I do however agree that a well planned shot does give a better satsifaction than the “rushed” one.