Improving Diana

TL;DR: Let’s buy Diana a phone so she doesn’t have to communicate telepathically, and bring back funny target videos in briefings. :wink:

We all love Diana. She’s been there since the beginning, recruiting 47 into the Agency, saving his life from The Franchise and always being there to give us that much needed intel before and during missions (unless she’s busy and fan-favourite Clera fills in). Bring Clera back!


Above: My favourite cutscene in HITMAN™ where 47 and Diana meet face-to-face. Perfection. It would be great to see more of this.

The evolution of Diana into a more human character is something I’ve enjoyed observing over the years, and I’m glad she became a more crucial part of the storytelling in Blood Money and Absolution, even if the (weak) story of the latter presented her as a shower-horror victim archetype, and it wasn’t a particularly effective reveal of her face either.

While there’s a case to be made it was appealing for Diana to be in the ‘shadows’ in previous games, she’s an impressive character in her own right, and this shouldn’t be diminished or taken away in any form. The mystery surrounding her was intriguing, but I beleive Absolution revealed too much (quite literally). A slower progression of her character, which would’ve explored her in smaller doses over time would’ve been better. Though, that’s all in the past now.

There are, however, numerous improvements and tweaks which I believe are necessary to enhance her role throughout the series – which can make gameplay more enjoyable and immersive.

There’s a main gripe I have with Diana’s presence in-game, starting with HITMAN™. If anyone’s played Beyond: Two Souls – she’s basically 47’s Aiden – a supernatural entity with special powers giving us inexplicable observations and access to information. Even though she’s presumably far away from the maps (I don’t think she’s in a CCTV surveillance van in the car-park) – Diana can somehow observe everything happening around 47. There are numerous examples of this in-mission. Whether it’s (annoyingly) telling us “THAT… is Victor Novikov” or giving us detailed descriptions of what’s on the Shadow Client’s hideout wall (“Familiar faces too…” How does she see them?!). To add, her voice isn’t playing through a radio-link, and exists unfiltered with direct neurological access to 47’s eyes and mind. She’s an ICA handler, not an omnipotent spirit creature lifted from the “scrapped ideas” box in David Cage’s office.

The least one could do is add an earpiece effect over her voice whenever she’s talking to you.

It would also be nice to bring back Vivienne McKee, after all she probably lives ten minutes away from IOI’s studios in Copenhagen. Jane Perry is fine as Diana, but McKee defined the character.

The other issue I’ll mention is the way mission briefings work. The current ones are a nice presentation slide-show telling us how shady and bad the targets are. All good and well, but I’m hesitant to treat this as something 47 himself receives, as they’re there for the player alone. You don’t really feel like you’re getting ICA intel, but an often over-dramatized and frequently adjective-filled description. Diana really wants you to be motivated to take the mission and feel good about it. So I can’t say I’m a fan of how the briefings are worded. @Agent_17 made an excellent post after HITMAN™ came out which hit the nail on the head, and whose frustrations I can relate to:

Personally, the best briefings are those which make you feel like you’ve actually received them from the ICA, where you can read and scroll through the info at your own leisure, access maps, target photos, or even footage. Who doesn’t want to watch some archive tape of your target as a child trying to kick a ball? :smile:

Diana’s been through a lot with 47, but they should always conduct themselves professionally. The way she voices briefings now makes her sound more like a journalist presenting on 60 Minutes, rather than someone who works for a pretty dark organisation where killing people is ‘strictly business.’ Let’s not beat around the bush.

What should definitely be appreciated though is that IOI have avoided turning Diana into a derivative character. I’m glad they’ve taken risks with her. She’s changed as time goes on – making her more than just a voice.

Well, those are my two cents.


Just please give me a “mute Diana” option during missions.


This is a serious issue I agree.

Forgetting the opening scene? :wink:


I loved how they were done in Codename 47. For example, in the infamous Lee Hong Assassination mission briefing video, the guy capturing the footage or taking snaps is compromised, as we see the targets react, and the camera shakes and disconnects when the guy makes his escape.


Same here. In comparison, it seems that in HITMAN 2016 targets are perfectly okay with someone taking pictures of them plus the footage was seemingly recorded when 47 have arrived the area. Really an immersion killer.


I liked how she was way more professional and straighforward in older games. Now, sometimes I feel she comments to make an intend of a joke or something a bit out of place. One of these, while not a joke, is when you enter the consulate. She says: “You made it. Most Impressive, 47. Now to locate Claus Strandberg”. Sure it’s something nice to new players when they figured something out to enter but it’s weird she congratulates you for this when 47 is known to have performed way more advanced feats, Hayamoto’s castle being a highlight.


I agree.

There should be more photos where they are on a phone or where they aren’t looking straight at the camera. I understand you can argue maybe they just got the photo online (seeing most targets are known by the public or high-profile people) but even photos like this would be better…

Also, while I’m on that subject; I just wanted to add that I hope to see some future targets that aren’t that well known (in the Hitman universe)

I mean don’t get me wrong, I liked targets like Jordan Cross (famous rock singer) Dahlia Margolis (famous former model) etc…

But I would like to see some more targets like the Beldingford’s, The Meat King and Lawyer, and Rutgert Van Leuven–While all are powerful and high profile targets, they aren’t necessarily known to the public on a wide scale in the Hitman universe.

I just miss hits that felt more like a personal vendetta by the client (and 47 got hired & paid to carry out the contract) rather than hits that just so happens to also better humanity/save the world.

While that’s all fine and dandy some of the time, I’d also just like to see more of the classic cold blooded assassinations every now and then…

Not every target has to be this evil self made billionaire.


*47 takes off earphone”


Lmao :joy:
Like 47 did to Benjamin Travis in Absolution lol

  • That is Victor…
  • Shut up Diana, or you will end like my previous handler.
  • That was Benjamin…
  • Shut up! I know!
  • That is…
  • Shut up already!
  • That is bullshit, 47. You don’t know where I live.

Ok, here go my thoughts:
I’ve always preferred the old Diana and vibes of the first 4 games. They had a more “low-profile” vibe to it. Old Diana’s voice (Vivianne McKee) was softer, down to earth, and briefings were based on footage obtained via informants / other agents infiltration work. They made me feel like a lot of work was put into gathering the best information for when it was time for Agent 47 to strike. (Teamwork?)
For a long time I’ve been evaluating HITMAN with the eyes of the first games, and truth is, HITMAN is a reboot. I don’t mean lorewise, but rather the image in which the franchise presents itself.
47 and the ICA are no longer a mere organization, 47 has now become the best contract assassin in history. His targets are now very much high-profile, and the briefings no longer show what 47 might see on his laptop, but rather are made to give the feel of the grandiosity of the operation 47 is about to engage in. Diana is now the handler (and friend-ISH) of 47, which makes her pretty much grandiose too.
They are now legends, and the individuality of each working gear in the process has been diluted to give space to the ICONS they are now. 47, Diana, they are figures by themselves.
I liked the old POV before, but the “new Diana” is more consistent with the actual face of the game. It still give us amazing moments, like the one Watson said:

I’ve learnt to accept that the old games are gone and that the new one has great potential in other areas. This doesn’t mean however that a earphone-filter for when Diana talks during missions wouldn’t make much more sense.



I always found scenes like this funny
Hmmm what’s less suspicious than two people talking to each other?

Oh I know,two people facing opposite ways talking to each other

I agree with everything said and really wish IO would bring back a more subtle Diana.

I’d like to see more of ICA too.It feels like 47 and Diana are only people in ICA,I liked how in BM we’d hear some people in background talking during briefings for ex.
It was a nice touch


Also the new Diana has a nice MILF look. We gotta give them at least that!


“You made it. Most impressive 47. Now to locate Diana Burnwood.”

“That is Diana Burnwood. Former handler at the ICA. Regretable.”

“Diana Burnwood confirmed down. Personally, I don’t know what to think about this one.”


Owing to the events that happened in Absolution, their relationship is at a different personal level than before.

Please don’t tell me Absolution did not happen.

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I personally think that the Diana-47 relationship currently depicted (as in for a work of fiction) is just the natural progression of what’s been happening to them since Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.

You cannot depict one character doing a big favor (ie: Diana helps 47 find Father Vittorio) and then they go back to acting like robots the sequels after. True. Diana made a deal with 47. But in the world of fiction, it is regarded that she brokered a deal at all. By Hitman: Blood Money both are aware of each other’s vulnerability in the world of assassination and the Requiem episode solidifies the intimate trust between them. Diana kills 47 then brings him back to life so he can finish the job.

If you are writing this story you don’t go back down the staircase to “Part 1 relationship levels”.

I will admit it’s different if these were real assassins. In real life Diana would have had 47 eliminated after C47 because I don’t think real assassin networks would allow anyone to leave.


As the series goes on and Diana and 47 go through trials and tribulations, it’s only natural that they will evolve as characters. Therefore we can’t really expect them to remain the same throughout the story.Their relationship won’t always be professional at all times, especially given the setup of the comics and IO stated Season 2 would be more story focused, so things are bound to get somewhat personal. I agree that Diana has a tendency to…express her personal opinions about targets in briefings lately, but IO is just trying different ways to flush out her character and give her a greater presence by making her more involved in the missions.


I’m also not that into Diana being more personal and flowery. Although Soupienza makes a good case for their relationship.

I’ve always wanted to see Diana slowly move up in the ICA, and with all the events in previous and newer games, I would actually have liked her to take over the ICA, but being a sort of shadow master (like the shadow broker of Mass Effect) that controls a lot of it from behind the scenes, but still acts as a handler to 47. Maybe it could still happen.

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People asking for an “improvement” or changes in the Diana relationship know deep down that considering we are working with a fictional set-trajectory universe that to “reset” this relationship can only happen one way…

You do this:

Then this:

You may not like it… but that’s the way “relationship resets” happen for in-fiction worlds.