Improving "The Finishline"

So, I did one of these for every mission in HITMAN 2016, and I have done one for Nightcall.
It’s time for ”The Finishline”.

The rules are the same as before. These improvements are to the level design and not the mechanics or other gamewide things. It’s also changes that are supposed to be relatively ”small”. No massive overhauls.
This one was quite difficult for me. Therefore most of it will be adding opportunities and not a lot of ”fixing” existing stuff.

Mass Pile-Up

The race is quite dynamic with many outcomes, but one I’d like to see is the ”no winner” one. You can already do this with the computer in the building with the club, but really, this struck me as more fun.
Basically I suggest the ability to tip barrells of oil over the race track. The cars pile up and the race has to be stopped. Result: No winner. No lethal outcome.

Sheikh Al-Gazali

It might seem a tad bit too similar to Paris, but I feel like The Sheikh needs to have a purpose in this mission. In this scenario the Sheikh wants to meet the winner in their paddock. In the case of Sierra this means a private meeting on the second floor in the Kronstadt paddock.

Buying a VIP Ticket

Really, either with coins, or some other means I would’ve loved to be able to get a ticket from this dude. It just feels right.

The Phone Call

I love the phone booth stuff in this game, but why do I have to plant the car bomb in order to call Robert Knox, isn’t it enough to have the info found in the safe? Just give the player the option to either tell the truth ”I haven’t planted the bomb yet” or lie ”I’ve planted the bomb, let’s meet”.

Ted Mendez

It makes no sense to me that Ted Mendez never heads inside. Give him a clock, or the ability to fetch him as one of Knox’s guards.
Once this is set into motion I suggest that Mendez has particularly bad eyesight, and as such you can switch out one (or all) of the dummy cards with pictures of Robert Knox.
Mendez feeds in the picture that kills Knox.
Even without this particular addition I see no reason for Ted Mendez not to eventually head inside.

Getting the Drop on Sierra

When Sierra meets with the Flamingo I really feel like there’s something extra missing. This might be it. From above, 47 should be able to drop something heavy on Sierra. To make it something somewhat original I’d suggest that there’s a visible break in the wall up there, and using explosives you can cause a chunk of it to fall down. As a tool based version of the same kill I suggest that you could weaken the structure further with a sledge hammer (a new tool added into the game), and then use a crowbar to tip it over.

Van Escape


I really like the agency pickup point in the red van, it adds a classic spy/assassin feel, but surely this could also be made into an escape point? It makes sense… and I’d love to see 47 get in the van and honk the horn to get someone to move out of the way as he drives out of the garage.

The Finishline is quite a well crafted level, which made this quite hard… but somewhere in this list of new opportunities there’s at least two real criticisms (who knows, maybe more), so maybe that’s good enough.

Anyways, this is my list. Anyone have comments or points of their own?


I feel like there should have been more stuff with Maxwell Rutter ( maybe add a method that gets him to kill Robert )


I agree that Rutter feels a bit under used. Not sure what I would want his expanded part to be in the mission though.

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Before reading this post, I was thinking: “oh no, it’s one of these.” However, after actually reading your post, I agree 100% and actually can’t think of anything in your post that I disagree with.

Your point on “buying a VIP ticket” is right on mate.


I think Moses Lee should do the tequila game with Sierra Knox. While it gives you less control on how the game will play out, there must be ways in which 47 can make use out of this game without stooping so low as to participate himself. It also avoids the immersion breaking experience of Sierra not recognizing Moses.


My idea : A way to report the car bomb plot to him so that he has Sierra and Moses both immediately disqualified

This results in him and Robert having a heated argument somewhere which results in Rutter killing Robert

Sierra goes to her default routine but is followed by two additional security guards .

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Why not just take the flamingos van you got the keys and all

It also makes no sense to me why Kronstadt and Kowoon have elaborate garages while the other teams have to make do with tiny ones.

I didn’t read the whole post (leave it for a bit later), but one thing needs to be added is a Kronsitdt helipad key

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You need the parking ticket to drive out of the building :-p

now that I think about it, should he not know already? event security have a bomb and a cryptic note stored in a safe, you’d think the race would have already been cancelled

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Great improvements!! I agree to all of them :slight_smile:
I just would like to see 47 being able to blend in as Flamingo on stage doing the mascot dance during the ceremony and thus being able to watch whatever kill for Sierra was set up…I was really surprised that this isn’t possible


This is such a strong level that any improvements on it feel fairly insignificant.

  • My biggest wish is for the robot to be better integrated into the level somehow. There are all these photos strewn about the level, but there’s really no way to get Sierra or Florida Man or Ted Mendez or the mascot up to the robot without dragging KOed bodies or doing insane lure tricks. It would at least be neat to be able to specify “Method: Android” in contracts mode.

  • I agree that incorporating Maxwell Rutter into the level a little more would be a good idea. My idea: have the Sheikh be one of the funders of the race, and make it so that if you meet with Maxwell Rutter dressed as the Sheikh, he’ll invite you to the winner’s podium. That gives a little bit of an interactive storyline to two of the unused NPCs without really altering much of the level.

  • Another possibility is to make the Sheikh a possible buyer of the android weapons system, so Robert Knox will give the presentation to either the Sheikh or Ted Mendez, whoever shows up. One cool way to get Ted Mendez to move might be to make him waiting for the Sheikh, so if you visit either NPC dressed as the other, the two of you will head to the showroom together. I don’t think that makes much story sense as it stands, but you could probably wiggle the narrative around a little. Perhaps Ted Mendez is interested in supplying arms to whatever nation the Sheikh comes from, as the US is wont to do, so the two are shopping together.

  • I get that calling Robert Knox and saying that you’ve planted the bomb without actually doing it makes sense, but it seems like a little too easy of a trap to set for him. I’m not sure what the best solution is here.


Damn. I forgot about this one. It’s definitely something I would’ve loved to have seen. :+1:

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Or vice versa - make Mendez and Sheikh “concurents”, so when you inform one of them that the other one is ready to make a deal with Knox, he quickly gets to the building. And Knox will make an excursion for the first one he will meet, not bothering with selling android to US or Sheikh’s country.

Feels very complicated, but could lead to fun situations :slightly_smiling_face:

  • A Mass Pile-Up is a cool idea, I would’ve liked to see something like that in the game.

  • Don’t mind the sheikh not being useful this time around. Each level should’ve one or two pointless and/or hard to get disguise for contracts mode.

  • You can already use coins to buy stuff in Mumbai as well as soda cans from the vending machines, so buying the ticket from the Scalper should’ve been an option.

  • I guess the reason why you had to drop the bomb before calling Robert has something to do with the gameplay mechanics. The detonator only appears in the inventory if you drop an explosive and you have to give the detonator to Robert. I think you don’t actually need to bomb from to safe. Once you know about his plan you can drop a rubber duck and give him the detonator for it.

  • Ted Mendez should head inside the building at some point.

  • Being able to drop something onto Sierra while’s meeting the blackmailer I such a good idea, I’m surprised IO hasn’t thought of it.

  • Having a van exit would be good.

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I disagree with the “coins for a VIP ticket” idea given the steep price for such a thing can’t be covered by loose change, but 47 should be able to do something other than subduing/killing to get the guy’s ticket. One option could be to report him to security. The ensuing scuffle leads him to drop the ticket so that it becomes yours for the taking. Or when he sees security approach he tries to hide the tickets in the trash, again, up for grabs for 47.


Perhaps a favor like grabbing a signed autograph/photo or something above money.

IKR When I found I can pit stop Kowoon, I thought I could pit stop The Thwack and Aero Cars But I couldnt

Good stuff.

There are many situations in Hitman2 where an NPC should do what 47 can do, but it’s not happening. Like the pah-phower-guy doing a tattoo, or Mendez going inside, or Moses Lee having a drinking game, etc. I believe the majority of players when playing the game for the first time thinks that you can either take his role or let him play it.

Having dialogue options to choose from would also be great, like the voting part on the last level.

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