Improving the unlocks in HITMAN 2


Good day, Agents! :smiley:

This is one of the core issues that I’ve noticed since the release of Hitman 2. The unlocks (especially the featured contracts ones) are really boring and kills the interest and investment in the game.

Tool boxes, knives that function in the same way, with no special animations or features just don’t make an impact on the game except for completionists.

An example, rather than having a tailor’s scissors or butchers knife as an unlock for the hard grind of 40 featured contracts, make something like a Swiss army knife, which can work as a throwable/killable weapon as well as a lockpick, which saves an inventory space.

Rather than having a freaking crystal ball as an unlock, add weapons that not just look distinct, they should feel, function and sound different as well.

As of now, i can use any silenced pistol for killing someone. There’s a very small impact on gameplay as i see and feel.

Pistols like silverballer should be powerful but slightly harder to use because of their low mag capacity.

Whereas pistols like covert HWK offers more ammo, looks good but might have a slightly reduced body damage.

Same for the snipers as well, i would love to see someones brains blown off by a 50 cal with a loud and powerful impact.

The current unlock system is very offputting after a while, where you see wrenches and reskinned suitcases which offer no additional advantage/gameplay change.

Let me know your thoughts :smile:


If the Hobbie Knife actually can function as an screwdriver I’ll be beary happy, but most likely it’s going to be a reskin.

Another thing, this Thursday we get the chance to unlock the Feather Duster for the buttler related challenges. If it is unique in some way that’s pretty useful, I’ll have mlre faith in the quality of future unlocks, but so far I expect just a reskin.


I’d say it will have the same melee animation as the baton


I agree with this 100% although some of the unlocks we have been getting after game release have been relatively interesting or ‘cool’ looking they’ve all been re-skinned existing items, I, like yourself would prefer new items/weapons that have a completely new use/purpose or a brand new weapon. I would also like to see less melee weapons implemented and us be given some more creative guns to use, the possibilities are endless and I wouldn’t really mind if its a weapon from a previous game in the franchise.

The swiss army knife idea would be great, multi use items serve a much better purpose (obviously) but also allow us to take other items in the loadout. Take the wrench for example, loosening valves, distraction and knocking people out, great bit of kit!

I’m hoping that when the main game expansions are released, each location will contain a mastery 20/20 to give us a whole host of brand new weapons & items.


Personally, I think the Handyman Wrench is a convenient unlock, especially in certain levels and on Master difficulty. It’s a good way to go.

However, there are too many reskins that are just redundant and clutter the inventory. Having more doses of poison available is useful; having 3 or 4 fiber wires is not (plus, the thing about improvised items is, well, finding them on the go and improvising).

The ICAs should be differentiated in some way. The Silverballer is the only different one, and even then, the accuracy trait is less useful than in Season 1, because those guns are more accurate overall. The HWK Covert and Krugermeier, on the other hand, are more unique and have their niche.

That said, I understand that it is not easy to add items and maintain balance between them, but there’s much more content to come and there have been improvements over Season 1 in some areas. I’m sure we’ll get interesting things. :slight_smile:


I’m trying to imagine how someone would be able to one-hit KO someone with a feather duster anyway, lol.

47’s good but damn


It’ll be fun running around slapping people with it and seeing feathers seperating from the duster


Funny, but it not worth to be added as unlock, in my opinion.
They might’ve put it somewhere on locations and it would be enough.
Better they’ve added something useful indeed


This is something I thought of in a different thread, but this seems like a good place as any; I was wondering if we could limit what was able to be placed in a briefcase. For example, take the regular briefcase. Anything and everything fits inside of it, from short pistols to long swords or sniper rifles that shouldn’t be able to fit. So, make different cases, with different carry limits. An instrument case could be cool, you’d be able to carry larger items, or the regular briefcase, which doesn’t have as much room. It’s just a thought, but it might be cool. To be fair, it’d probably be much harder to throw a violin or guitar case than a square case.

Unlocking new, different briefcases would be nice!


There is a wide briefcase in the game, I think they scrapped the idea though


This is a game, not a simulator m8, there are a lot of mechanics that are very unrealistic in the game, so you’ll get nowhere trying to understand how this would fit in real life


Hey, chill. I’m just trying to think of different unlocks. Besides, it would be cool.


I’m calm, just stating a point


Well, the tone of it felt a tad angry. I’m sorry to mis-interpret


Shame blurred images can not be enlarged…


It can. Open the image in new tab


Personally, I really like the wide briefcase idea, but the way IO made it look is a mite trash lol


I disagree with most of what you said, but a multitool would certainly be welcome and awesome.

While there is not a lot of difference, this does exist. The Striker is the loudest weapon in the game next to an unsilenced sniper. It can also penetrate up to three bodies at a time. Conversely, the Krugermeier 2-2 is the most silent of the pistols. You can shoot things from a closer range and not have people notice but it does do less damage as a result.

Sieger 300 series are ridiculously powerful compared to other rifles. The Ghost, despite being super silent, knocks targets roughly 10 feet away from where they stood upon impact. Also, while not a functional addition, the Sieger 300 Advanced plays “Ave Maria” while you aim (at least it did in HITMAN).

It absolutely is because there are several accidents you need a wrench to set up. A lot of them cannot be substituted by shooting something. We need a screwdriver for the same reason.


I want this but have it a wide briefcase in H2



Ooooh, I forgot about that case, it’s been a while since I played Blood Money. That looks amazing. I think it would be an amazing unlock in any form. (Would it be called the Requiem case? I dunno.)

Also, is the W2000 in the game too? Because if not, that would also be cool