Improving the unlocks in HITMAN 2


To anyone wanting a wider briefcase for more “realism,” please consider this:

Most guns can be disassembled and reassembled quickly by a pro. While that says nothing about the longsword, a longer briefcase is inherently suspicious.

“Yeah he definitely doesn’t have a gun in that long ass case that no one normally walks around with.”


Nah, you know what I mean :slight_smile:


I can see what you’re saying. I just wished there were more unique briefcases I guess.

I actually did forget about the whole ‘disassembling-reassembling’ thing, so thanks for reminding me!


1413935746109-P-2088598 i want this


Would be cool. Lockpick, knife, bottle opener and a lighter in one box :slight_smile:

“Hey dude, have a fire?” And you’re “Sure, here you are” and stab this thing in an eye :slight_smile:


dude bleeding out be like ‘yo that knife is fire’



I would like, if it was masked as one of those musical instrument briefcases, like these trumpet ones. Dunno, how big they are irl and if you can fit sniper rifle in them, but why not for the game purposes. They look cool.



Even without a whole case system (which probably isn’t going to happen, but I wish) you have to admit a violin case would look cool. Would probably be a bitch to throw, however.

Image result for guitar case


47 already has Case Mastery lv 20


Speaking of bottles, it’d be cool if we could use them like in Absolution. It may or may not add much to the game, but still. Poison it, or smash heads with it :rofl:


Yeah, Glassing would be cool. And if 47 would make it straight away by cracking a bottle of someone’s head :slight_smile:


They gave us snowballs with ROCKS in 'em!


Homing cello case ftw :joy:

(That’s a guitar case on the on the pic btw)


I feel like it would be easy enough to do. It’s similar to the brick, so just replace the brick with a bottle and make the brick crumbs that appear when you throw it at something white (or clear, dunno) and boom


Notex will hear you :slight_smile:
Wait for sreens and vids of it :slight_smile:


Since they have briefcases now, naturally I want a gun that shoots from inside the briefcase.


Desperado style
And ofcourse it can also be used in a melee attack


I would like to see an upgraded poisons/syringe’s with two doses, mace’s which cave people’s head’s in with a secondary ability to use the handle to knock people out.


I guess they could use modified axe animations for the maces


or they could just make new melee anims already ;_;