Improving the unlocks in HITMAN 2


At least fix the melee sounds. Time to time it’s no sound at all. Seems all the fights and moves are silent…


don’t get your hopes up, if IO can take a shortcut, they will


Most important/urgent fixes would be:

- MKII proper reskins

This is unacceptable for a game like HITMAN™.

Awaiting a proper reskin of MKII weapons, you can use that temporary solution to differenciate the guns ingame:




A simple change of color/contrast. Not that hard huh guys? :wink:

- Other weapons reskins

We had a lot of unlocks recently, especially after the Winter Festival.

However most of them are just variations of knifes or reskins. Why not giving other tools to 47 as we already have 5 knives and Briefcases of the same type in inventory?


- Giving the ICA Blackballer the quality it deserves

As part of the Gold/Collector’s Edition content, i expected from this gun more than just a simple black skin and a suppressor.

–> Give him same specs as Silverballer and a better looking please:

- More ammo for Tranquilizer gun

–> 5 darts instead of 2 only.


Post to be updated later.

Things to improve in HITMAN 2

They could, the sound would be interesting like a really dense thud, the games are not known for gore/shock factors, but it would be good to see how people react to a skull being caved in with a mace.


Hey, if it’s good enough for Bond…




That last photo is immense, not seen that before


Does anyone think the tranq gun could use some kind of buff? I mean, I get it, a gun that can stun people is powerful for those seeking Silent Assassin. I understand that it has a slow reload, it only fires 1 shot at a time, and that the ammo should be limited. But even still, I can’t help but feel like they’ve gone a little overboard on trying to balance the thing. The fact that it is the only weapon in game (bar the sniper rifle in Sniper Assassin) that requires you to predicate where the bullet will land, and the fact that it has a miniscule supply of 2 bullets, and unless I’m mistaken, its ammunition can’t be replenished, and the target also has a slight delay between being tranqulised and falling unconscious.

I dunno, I just feel naked if I equip it. I usually equip the Silverballer so that I have a reliable weapon if things go south, and the Silverballer also has utility value in being able to pierce gas tanks, shoot out cameras and camera recordings, and can be used to distract guards. Granted, you can have both the tranq gun and Silverballer, but still, I don’t see much utility in it. I feel like carrying 2 wrenches is more useful than the tranq gun.

I think for a start it would be more useful if it at least came with say 6-8 bullets rather than just 2. I dunno, I guess I’m curious if anyone agrees with me or if people think any buffs to it would be too overpowered?


It needs extra ammo for sure. Also, it seems (still needs some testing) someone you shot with a tranq dart isn’t going to count as a Body Found until the animation where they collapse to the ground finishes.


Agreed, as a globe trotting assassin 47 can have nearly all the weapons (experimental or traditional) in his arsenal.

And depending upon an individual players choice gameplay can be affected.

Speedrunners can have tools and gadgets that can provide them with quick access or distractions.

Roleplayers can have a more realistic loading, with different varieties of suitcases for different snipers/assault rifles. Weapons that look and sound realistic and deliver a believable response.

John wick styled players can be provided with not just more weapons but stealth/combat animations, various types of bulletproof jackets that have a tradeoff between speed or survivablity.

So, season 3 really needs to amp up on the unlocks if you want to increase the life of the game, since IO doesnt officially provide any modding support.

To this day i still go back and play games like max payment 3 (for the amazing gunplay and animation), doom for its amazing modding community.

And adding to this list is resident evil 2, which not only adds fun to the game by its ridiculous or amazing mods.


I will link here an unlockable I thought up a few years ago.

BTW I just realized the Binary Poison could work another way. If you know two targets will eventually shake hands. You spray Compound A on one Target and spray Compound B on the other Target… when they shake hands, they will die.