Improvised Kill Ideas

Let’s get some good ideas going. In past games we had a lot of improvised or environment kills we could perform in missions. Some were just a matter of some quick tamperings, others had their own special animation for it.
For example

:skull_and_crossbones:Rig BBQ with lighter fluid
:skull_and_crossbones:Shatter open a 70ft high glass jacuzzi
:skull_and_crossbones:Rig a pyro show and burn target alive
:skull_and_crossbones:Lock target inside a sauna
:skull_and_crossbones:Push target in giant shark tank to get eaten
:skull_and_crossbones:Replace a prop C96 pistol with a real one
:skull_and_crossbones:Flood a gas station so a smoking target blows up
:skull_and_crossbones:steal a file so a police officers kill a target for you
:skull_and_crossbones:Crush targets windpipe with a weight
:skull_and_crossbones:Drop a Piano on target
:skull_and_crossbones:Throw a K.O. NPC onto a hanging meat hook
:skull_and_crossbones:Exploding golf ball
:skull_and_crossbones:Killing Fransesca with DNA Virus

Any many others!
What improvised/environment kills would you like to see in Hitman?

Let’s really get creative here. Like some
"Final Destination" sort of things :smile:

I’d like to see something where maybe 47 is near a construction site and you can maybe lure target into a port-a-potty with laxatives and maybe push it into a ditch, where at that point 47 could turn on the cement truck and fill up the ditch :scream:

Or, have a “Bomb Lighter” as one of 47’s “tools” where you could bring it with you on certain missions, where targets smoke. 47 could replace the targets lighter with the bomb lighter, so when the target lights

Maybe have it where you could remove a targets brakes from their car??:scream:

Get crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Caruso escapes by plane, but you enraged the kraken enough to attack mid-flight

  • Hack the auction and force Dalia to unknowingly sell the rights to her own death contract


Wow really? That dosent work? :expressionless: Shame. That was actually very creative thinking!


The hit takes place in Africa and your target is an animal poacher.

Posing as an illegal guide, 47 replaces the bullets in the poacher’s rifle with air pellets while the poacher is looking for prey through his binoculars, and then 47 steals the keys from the poacher’s Jeep.

A minute or so later, the hunter shoots a massive African elephant … but the elephant doesn’t die. The air pellets simply enrage it and make it charge. The poacher panics, shoots a couple more times, and then, seeing no effect, runs to his vehicle to escape, but can’t start it. The elephant proceeds to ram the Jeep with its massive tusks and forces it over the edge of a cliff, where it explodes.

47 uses his soothing voice to tame the elephant, jumps on its back, and rides it into the sunset.

Mission Accomplished.

Just kidding. 47 – who was hiding somewhere with a nice view; perhaps behind or up a tree – strolls calmly back to the African village which is the hub of the level.

(Free cookies for anyone who can add to my Africa level with a cool lion kill scenario. :smile:)


Lmao Nice!

That would be awesome to get a target killed by a Lion :lion: Lol

Or kick him into a pit of deadly venomous snakes :snake:

EDIT: be able to chop down a tree to fall onto the target lol

Challenge Name: “Watch out for that tree!” -George of the Jungle.


Bribe a bodyguard to kill the target.

As a therapist, prescribe medication to the target (which is poison, obviously).

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First: Murder target number one, an attractive young woman.

Second: Posing as a concerned citizen, convince target number two – who is now suicidal after you murdered his girlfriend – to jump off a bridge into moving traffic. lol

It would be awesome to see this kind of accident.


Best part of that movie. Or maybe the only good part. But you can’t cut people apart with the current engine, so it won’t happen, I guess.

I was quite young when I played Contracts and Blood Money. Not sure what game was it, most likely BM… I liked to see death traps for 47 like that girl in the christmas level that seduces you and then kills you on the bed. Same for the target on the “heaven” party that, again, seduces 47 and lures him to an office to get all ninja on him.

I’d like to see some scripted “fails” like those ones. Imagine catching one of those on an elusive target lmao.


Yeah man I know that you can’t I was just daydreaming.

Another thread just inspired me.

A professional archer as an npc (kinda like the golf pro). Now make the taget one of those fetish guys that likes to dress up as a furry animal to engage in sexual relations. (I think theyre referred to as “Furries”).

The archer mistakes him for a target. “THOOOOP!”


drop the HAIR DRYER into bath while target bathing (accident kill) :joy:

Hmm going to think on this and see what I can come up with. The only thing that popped into my head was being able to put tin cans etc into a microwave to cause small explosions.

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Lol that would be hilarious to see :joy:

@Mr.Reaper yeah as the target walks by, "is my lunch ready yet I’m really hung-BOOM!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When Sheriff Skurky visits Beldingford Manor…


You could have some kind of magic show going off at a big event or something. You bribe or persuade the magician somehow to choose the target as a volunteer and you rig the trick to be lethal. I’m sure there are plenty of tricks that could be rigged sawing in half comes to mind for one.


Make him… “Disappear” :open_mouth:
Haha! That’s awesome, I love it, keep them coming. Great ideas!

@borek921 :frowning: Damn, just watched your video, shit was gruesome lol

Yeah you could even replace his assistant behind the curtain. He could have the target in one of those boxes made for disappearing acts when he climbs out the back and behind the curtain you grab him and make him disappear permanently.