Improvised Kills


What improvised kills would you want to see in future games. An improvised kill is where 47 makes use of a specific object to kill a target. For example: drowning in a toilet

What do you think?


An idea to start. Slam head in door to pacify. not a kill but still improvised


Hanging somehouse with Christmas lights

Derailing a rollercoaster


47 drowning someone in an overflowing sink and slamming someone’s head against a window ledge for a pacify. I find that if I want sa I can’t take advantage of the “attack” prompt when on a window ledge so I wouldn’t mind if 47 could just ko them.


Ability to drown in overflowing sink feels like something obvious for me to add in the game.
Plus, we already have animation, which could be used for such a drowning - smothering Jordan in cake.


Push someone’s face into a lens grinder in an eyeglass shop. That way either 47 or Diana can make some comment about the target making a spectacle of themselves.


more improvised strangulation devices (that function identically to the fibre wire). maybe add a shoelace, a PSU cable, and a piece of rope

  • Use someone as Human Shield so he gets shot
  • Steal a guard’s gun from holster and shoot him from the back with it.
  • Make the explosive pen able to stab people with, so we can run away and see our target scream and explode
  • A special syringe/pills that make a guard going nuts and shoot his own allies, so other NPCs will take him down
  • A special guard disguise that will allow us to directly speak to a target and escort him to an isolated place to kill him

More ideas coming soon.


I’d prefer being able to have the explosive aspect of the pen be separate from the stabbing. Like, stab one target with it like a knife or screwdriver (but when stabbing from the front it goes in their eye), and drop or throw it next to another target and set it to explode. While we’re at it, make it so that the pen can be picked up and written with by a target, and their writing triggers the explosion. Honestly, when IO first gave the pen as an option in the poll, that’s what I thought they had in mind; that we could trick a target into grabbing the wrong pen.


Shredded via plane turbine or something like vehicle crash (helicopter, plane, motorbike, etc.)


Looking back at this post, I think I like planes.