In Game Video/Pictures Tool


I wondered after watching the new trailer “wouldn’t it be amazing to have some kind of camera screenshots/video tool in-game?” Hitman is a game about creating your own stories and experimenting so I would dig a tool like that, and there are tons of youtube videos about unique stories in Hitman 2016 so it would fit right in.

What do you think?


I’ve always hoped for a photo mode in a Hitman game, so yes.


There is a free camera mod for Hitman2016 that I hope it will be updated or be compatible with Hitman2


Sadly not. It does not even work in HITMAN Sniper Assassin. The creator already wrote that he dumped it and will move on, so no, I guess if we don’t have some programmer in the forum it will not be supported. Sadly, I really loved it. Not only for taking pictures, but having a close look on everything and everyone. Just take a look at the sticky mine, if you take a look below it, there is a little sticker saying “Pull here” for the sticky glue part. Thats amazing, same goes for the weapons. Like the KS logo on the battleknife. Thats amazing stuff which would go completely unseen if we don’t get a camera tool.


Oh? What’s the name of that mod


Here you go. I hope its not against the rules to post it here.


At least point to the actual source:


I thought its usefull to know how to install it, and I didnt knew the actual source.