In lore question. How did all the guests move in?

There are hundreds of people on the isle of Sgail. How do you think did they all get transported to the isle? There is only a small harbour and a helipad. The logistics must have been a nightmare! Does Anyone know? I would have loved to see yachts docked in the harbour like in blood money!

Perhaps the wizards all came together on one boat and the regular guests came on boats in waves. The intro speech we get could be viewed as the last time that guy had to say that all night… assuming he said it 20x already as each boat unloaded.

If you don’t like that idea, then remember it’s a game lol

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This is not related to lore.
Maybe by cruse ships. Some things are just for imagination.

What makes sense in my head is that Ark members come with their private ships in the early evening. They sponsor their ships then to collect the lower guests from a central station somewhere nearby when the situation at the check points calmed down. VIPs arrive with their helicopters.


Its a good explanation.