In regards to Kane & Lynch franchise

So 2 months ago there was a thread which speculated about the idea of Sniper Assassin missions in Hitman 2 for Co-Op.

The discussion went to the final fact that, well, yes, iOi lost rights when they’ve broken up with SE so they can’t add such thing to H2.

I made a video about this franchise and in the end (if you don’t want to watch just skip to 38:04) I made couple of examples how iOi used intellectual property of K&L in Hitman 2016 and these things maintained and were not excluded even after they divided from SE.
So whaddya think?

So whaddya think? Maybe there is a chance of their appearance (as a cameo) ih H2?

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Also sorry in advance, I’m new to this forum. It’s very convoluted so maybe I posted it in wrong category.

who knows? SE still sells Hitman DLC for “Lara Croft: Temple of Osiris“, so maybe the both companies are still cool with each other? :grin:

I can only imagine a SOLID Kane Lynch game with brutality of Absolution mixed with action about these 2 assholes))
That would be lit.

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I can see them removing the references to both Kane & Lynch and Mini Ninjas from the updated maps on the Legacy pack. They did something similar in Absolution where they removed the Deus Ex suit DLC from digital sale after being dropped by Squeenix, IIRC.

A third K&L game wouldn’t be the same without IO behind the wheel. And since SE would just sit on the rights it’s highly unlikely to happen in the first place.


Yes. Kane and lynch 3 please. Dispite the hate I love these games. I hope with enough earnings from hitman 2 they could buy the rights back. IO is an awesome studio.

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And I loved A way out. Completed it with my best friend in couch witch I also played botv K&L’s with and had more then a game but an experience.

You are right, Square can be really petty about IPs cough Thief cough. Also I realised your avatar is Nabazov and I had been thinking it was Kevin Smith for some reason.

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If IO can sell Anniversary Outfit Bundle DLC,
maybe we can see the references to Kane & Lynch and Mini Ninjas in Legacy pack & Hitman 2.:thinking:

As much as i enjoy stylized grittiness and action of the K&L, aint nuffin gonna happen with da series no mo. i be tellin ya dat much.

Shame really, in the hands of some other studio, perhaps Rockstar Games, Kane & Lynch could have been a hit TPS like Gears Of War.

Btw i never understood IOI’s illogical decision to have Lynch’s shitty tank top outfit for 47 in Hitman 6 but not Kane’s stylish grey suit.


I like your concept. I’ve always been a fan of this trope of grizzled, middle aged action heroes. I just can’t stand young 20-something protagonists in any movies or games. That’s why i’m a fan of R* games.

It’s mainly the physical appearance of young men (20s) that bothers me since i tend to instinctively associate young appearance with naivety, immaturity and obnoxious behavior, regardless of their actual nature. There’s something badass and maybe even menacing about a rugged, gruff looking middle aged guy who’s looks just scream jaded, cynical and experienced.

Good examples of my ideal looks for a male action hero would be Max Payne and Adam Kane Marcus.

47 in Absolution and especially in the concept art was also portrayed as a gruff looking, gritty older man.

I suppose it’s also because i generally tend to dislike young people (20 to 30) in real life too.

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