In what time line is set Kane & Lynch during Absolution?

Hi there, I started to play the Kane & Lynch series and after I finished both games I decided to continue with Absolution since all these 3 games have the same dark vibes that I love so much.
Then I notice something. Kane has the nose broke, so that means the events takes place after the prison bus break out. Then there is the bag next to him so that means it must be before the first heist on the bank.
But looking at Lynch he got the same outfit\appearance form K&L 2 including the sport glasses where meanwhile in the first game he had Aviator style glasses.
Then, many missions after this encounter, you find Kane in the prison cell writing the letter to Jenny without having a broken nose. A moment where he still doesn’t know Lynch.

I guess I’m looking too much into this and it must be a detail that escaped at IO.

Speaking about these 3 games, after playing them I like to believe they are their own trilogy.
They are unite by the same dirty, greedy and dark atmosphere that takes you into those real miserable places out there in the world. The studio back then did an amazing job to bring those aspects to life and I have to say about that scene in K&L 2 where they are cut and Xiu gets rapped… That one was very well dramatically made. I don’t know if there is anything like this out there.
Truly an amazing game.




There is no “Canon” time placement. These characters don’t exist in the same universe. It’s just an Easter egg developers threw in.

when you play Absolutions Prison level, you can see and hear Kane while he writes the Letter to his Daughter, like he does in the K&L Intro, so we can assume that K&L 1 takes places during/after Absolution.

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I think its all random. In hitman bloodmoney and absolution kane and lynch “exist” but in 2016 they are a game. And then in dog days the hitman games are movies… I made a topic a while ago. IOI universe
Think most of my pictures are gone dont know why. If you need or want some, ask me. I worked days on that thing. Still have the folder on my pc.

I would say that is more of an Easter Egg then a clue to where in the timeline it fits. We need to take the Blood Money’s news paper article into consideration.

The news paper is from Death of a Showman and is dated for 2004 and describes the opening scene from Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. The game itself was released in 2007, I would say that the Blood Money newspaper is closer to the real date.

Also 47 runs into both Kane & Lynch in Absolution, before we stumble upon Kane writing his farewell letter to his daughter. When he wrote the letter, he did not know Lynch. I would go so far and say that the Absolution timelines takes place after Kane & Lynch 1 and 2.

Well there have also been covers from older Hitman games inside hitman games, so I would not credit anything else then an Easter Egg.


Edit… My pics are still there when I click on them.
I would say its all just referencing or easter eggs and not to be “real”.

Furthermore I think when you say kane has the dead men look en lynch the dog days look is because that are their more known iconic looks and dont care bout no timeline…

Kane & Lynch exist in four universes.

  1. Kane & Lynch universe (Dead Men,Dog Days)
  2. Hitman universe (BM,Absolution)
  3. DC comic universe(Dead Men Walking)
  4. Lara Croft Legend timeline (Adam Marcus and the Guardian of Dogs)