Initiation Protocol - about ET's differences

So, there was said that there would be some changes to elusive targets. Now we have 68 hours before first one drop in H3 and still there is little to know about what are those changes to ETs.

Anyone know something that I don’t?


If any changes, will most likely be announced either on the day the ET will go live or when a H3 ET goes live with those changes.

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Or IOI simply changed their mind on that and declined any changes

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Am I the only one that feels like we’re all thinking it without saying it out loud, that when IO said it would make changes to Et’s and then we bring it up asking “Did they ever say what those changes would be?” that we are all talking about Et being permanent to some degree?

They didn’t say anything about it other then it being different, and we arn’t trying to put words in their mouth, but we’re all talking about them making them permanent right? I can’t really think of the changes being anything else.


It could be that they re-run all the ET. Every month a new one. After every ET has appeared once, the cycle starts again.
You still only get one chance to finish it. But: If you fail, you get another chance the next time this targets appears. That would ET still make somewhat special but everybody would have a chance at eventually finishing them.

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I hope that the rewards are still available. I was only missing 3 suits from hitman 2.

If I remember correctly, IOI announced that everybody will have a chance to get the ET-Suits

Personally, my guess is that the only changes are that rewards won’t be tied to them anymore. What rewards could there be at this point? They used to do all the gloved suit versions for ETs but those are mostly all unlocked through mastery now. There are a few that I can think of (Hokkaido robe, Tactical hat) but that’s it. I think that the ETs just won’t have rewards now but remain unchanged beyond that.

None of the old ET/location suits are unlockable if you didn’t transfer progression or play them in H2.