Inspecting target lockdowns

This thread is for discussing how to utilize the target lockdowns and sharing all possible methods. It’s my all-time favorite universal tactic - making a target panic, maybe pretending to escort them as a guard or waiting them at their destination and then when they think they’re in a safe place, a perfect execution.

I just studied the main mission targets’ routes so I’ll just list the more or less intended ways to kill them utilizing lockdowns I know about. All targets obviously have more than one lockdown spot but some of them can be used in your advantage. Here are the accident opportunities related to them:


Silvio Caruso - Seaplane - He tries to escape with the seaplane when you make him panic twice - once to get him to the lab cave and a second time when he has got to there. You can down it with a cannon or a remote explosive.
Claus Hugo Strandberg - School - Not your usual “lockdown spot” but getting him there requires causing a lockdown. You can then shoot him with the turret (not advisable if going for SA) or poison his wine that’s in Zaydan’s office.
Yuki Yamazaki - Cable car - She tries to escape with the cable car that you can then make plummet down by shooting it, how many times you have to make her panic depends on her location.
Alma Reynard - Panic room, sea - First she will go to a panic room whose ventilation you can poison. After two more times of getting panicked she will go stand in the sea. You can make her fall down and drown by, for example, legshotting her or make her drown herself by approaching her with a gun.
Robert Knox - Aquarium - He goes underneath the shark hanging from the ceiling. You can shoot it down to kill him, but it can be difficult to get SA like that due to some guards tending to go underneath it too. You can try to scare them again and shooting the shark down before Robert gets anywhere.
Vanya Shah - Train station southernmost corner - She goes underneath a birdcage near her carriage. It can be shot down.
Zoe Washington - Custodial room - She goes to a small room where you can see donations to the Ark. She will stand underneath a chandelier that can be shot down.
Athena Savalas - Vault security room - She goes to the vault security room after being scared at least twice. You can then gas the room with emetic or sedative poison. I always had her faint last with sedative so I got to keep SA too.
Tyson Williams - Server farm - This is a complicated one because you usually need to make him panic several times in a row to get him down there. After succeeding though he will stand underneath a speaker that can be used to crush him.
Carl Ingram & Marcus Stuyvesant - Lounge, parachutes - Both of them have a lockdown spot right underneath the penthouse lounge chandelier that can be shot down. You can also make them panic three times to have them escape using parachutes, no lockdown keycards needed. The parachutes can be sabotaged with a kitchen knife in advance or shot when the targets are gliding in the air.
Alexa Carlisle - Office - She will go next to a fireplace in her office. A propane flask can be dropped from above to blow her up.

Then there are some other spots that provide alone time with the targets due to some seriously incompetent security detail.


Dalia Margolis - Attic - When in a lockdown in a small room at the end of the attic, she will have only one guard with her who even leaves first when the lockdown is over. After that you can easily kill her from behind. Now that we’re talking about her - Yes, I know about code 17 but it’s not a standard lockdown, you have to get the phone to trigger that.
Rico Delgado - Basement - In a room full of money there’s an easy kill spot if you know what to do. He will stand in front of a box you can hide in and of course use to hide him as well. No one else will enter the room if you don’t kill him too early, otherwise the guards will telepathically know he’s dead and enter the room.
Maelstrom - Crows’ hideout - He will go and sit on the bed in the middle room and have the guards leave him, though someone else might randomly enter the room due to the lockdown so be watchful.

I left out some other places I found (like that spot in the picture, Janus’ garage, that is) because they were too random and almost impossible to SA.

Lastly, there are many other methods that don’t make use of lockdown spots themselves, but rather something that’s on the way. The easiest said method would be shooting at Vetrova right at the beginning of The Last Resort and then legshotting her when she’s running through the beach. I definitely don’t know all of those but that’s what this thread is for. I also haven’t investigated the other missions outside the main story. Let’s compile all those tactics here!


Very good and interesting topic!

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I think Viktor and Dalia both meet in a room on the first floor during lockdown, where the scaffolding is on the outside. You can kill both of them there with a chandelier I think? I remember killing them using a remote explosive, but that may have as well rigged a chandelier rope instead. If not, remote explosive directly also worka as they are in that room by themselves.

Sorry this is just from distant memory. Someone could probably elaborate.

Edit: Ah sorry I missed the spoilered part in your post…this was what I was talking about

I think you need to retreive the smartphone from Novikov’s personal bodyguard and use it to create a lockdown to this specific room.


Wait what? Is this true? I never knew that, this changes everything.

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Yes, I just found out about it too. :smiley:

Today I investigated the other missions and had some chaotic but fun moments, especially in Patient Zero.

Bonus missions

Kong Tuo-Kwang - Cafe back room - There is a sink and an extension cord you can use to electrocute him. He will have guards with him though so it can be random who dies to the trap, not very reliable.
He can also be blown up with the gas pipe in his private room, but that’s not really useful since he will use the gas lamp to ignite the gas himself anyway. Moreover, it has to be blown up a little before he reaches the lockdown spot, otherwise the explosion will just KO him.
Marco Abiatti - Cafe - His secondary lockdown spot is in the cafe next to the Sanguine shop. There you can kill him easily since no one will be looking at him.

Dino Bosco can also be crushed with the chandelier in Bravuomo’s office, but he runs a little past that so you have to drop it before he reaches the lockdown spot.

Patient Zero

Sister Yulduz - 4th floor southwesternmost corner - She will go to the corner of that suite. No guards will be looking at her but it’s better to wait until the lockdown is over before you eliminate her.

I can’t really list Nabazov here no matter how hard I tried. He was always alone in that little room but the guards would always come and find his body afterwards and there was no place to hide him in. Yeah, I tried and couldn’t even KO the guards because they were so close to each other. Come on, Akram is a target in the next mission anyway. Syringe kill would be hard to do as well since he stays at the very corner of the room.

Then I got to The Author and had a ton of fun with that. The targets had several lockdown spots and even shared some. When I got brother Akram to panic enough times, he went to the graveyard and started going to the same spots as Black who was also in a lockdown. The best places for kills I found are here:
Craig Black - Confession booth - This was an interesting one. It was usually the first place he would go to. My first idea was obviously to shoot him there, but unfortunately that is quite noisy and he was found almost every time, I pulled that off twice though. A good method I found was destroying the lattice in advance and then throwing him with a knife. That can be seen in my SONKO run posted below.
Brother Akram - Pier tunnel, morgue - Many people know that you can shoot his doorbell and then shoot him on the balcony, but you can’t get the virus sample like that providing he still has it. I took this tactic further and had him run down to the pier tunnels after shooting at him several times. This lockdown spot just happened to be in front of a waste bin he fit right into. This can also be seen in my SONKO run. Then there’s the morgue which was even better spot since the guards left the room he stayed in. Pose as a body and then make him the body, easy. I couldn’t get him there with the doorbell lure though, I had to panic him from a different angle.

Lastly, Patient Zero. I found out that Liebleid isn’t a VIP so that’s that.

I don’t have much to say about the special assignments. Basil Carnaby goes next to a scooter, but so does his guards so it’s hard to do SA. And that mission is easy as shit anyway.