Inspired by the ICA Files

Hi guys,

I saw the ICA file trailers for the characters of Hitman Absolution and thought that they were a really good way of advertising the game. I’m writing a book and although it’s not even near completion yet, I’d like to make a trailer like that, with the narrator talking about the character (and in this case, the plot) while they flick through the pages of a file that outlines their life and their capabilities.
To ensure I don’t give anyway too much of the protagonist’s background, I’ll be using a lot of censored text and won’t be talking the viewer through a step-by-step process of this.

I just thought I’d make this thread in case anyone can help me in any way e.g. someone might know what a particular document is called or can point me in the direction of a template of one of those human diagrams that they used - or maybe some royalty free images of locales.

Thanks for any help you can give!

Edit: I know this thread it’s very clear so it should probably be used as a discussion one.


I know it an old tread but are you still working on that book?

Last post was in June and recent read time is less than a minute, so I doubt you’ll get an answer.


I’m writing the last scene as we speak!


That’s really cool! Did you figure something out about the contracts?

I’ve designed things like a birth certificate, degree certificate, military service record, etc. I’m also going to show some newspaper articles displaying the aftermath of his missions, maybe with some planning paraphernalia and forensic reports. I’m not sure how I’m going to animate it though.


Sounds really damn awesome! Its some cool ideas you got there :smiley:

Thank you for that! I’m pretty sure I still have permission to informally advertise it here on the forum (I’ll check before I do), so I’ll let you know when the book is available, if you’re interested.


I doubt anyone else cared about this project, but if you’ve come across this thread and thought to yourself “I wonder what became of this idea” - the answer is nothing.
I’ve spent the past month designing the files (I’m not a graphic designer, and I have only the most basic tools) but going through them today, I’ve realised that they look like they were thrown together by a child. The design and style are so amateur, that it would be foolish to continue, and unthinkable to display them. I’m embarrassed I tried.