Installed Content not showing


Hi there,

I’m looking for a bit of help if possible.

I recently bought, installed and played a part of the ‘Hitman - Complete First Season’ on the Xbox One. I’ve actually completed 2 of the stories so far but, when I’ve gone onto the game today, it says that I have to ‘Get Access’ to them. I’ve gone onto the manage section of my Xbox for Hitman and it’s showing 8 items (HITMAN, Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Colorado, Hokkaido and the summer bonus episode) There’s actually some save data there as well.

What’s gone on here and what’s the best thing to do?



No, still not showing up after a restart, my mistake. I thought it had.


It’s decided to show up now, for some reason. All good!


Is there anything you did that you can share? It might help others in this situation. Thanks!


I’m not sure if there was a specific technique but, I uninstalled the Paris add-on and quickly re-installed it, that seemed to do the trick for me. I’ve taken a look at the site and it looks like an isolated incident but if it helps someone else then, I can’ complain.



I did this but it won’t give me the episode 6 content at all… I have the GOTY edition and installed everything including episode six but it won’t show I have it