Integrating ETs with Freelancer

I’m not saying that we can’t have an improved ET Arcade where you’re free to pick and choose from a list as well, so one thing does not exclude the other. But if Freelancer is really gonna be the long lasting, fan favorite mode that it promises to be, then adding the ETs would just make for an even richer experience. It would add some depth and immersion to what is already is promising to be a core Hitman-experience. Why not make something presumably awesome even better?

I understand that there will be these boss-type contracts already, at the end of taking down each syndicate. So imagine this: every time you have taken down a number of syndicates, let’s say 8 like we see on the table in the trailer, a random ET contract will arrive to your computer as a ‘reward’. Using your own collected gear and having the ET briefings available of course. What do you think?

Well, there are 38 ETs or so out there so the number of syndicates taken down should be a little lower than 8, perhaps 3 so that people don’t complain about locking them behind ludicrous amounts of time. Although people will probably complain anyways.


Yes, that is a good point.

No doubt, that’s the one constant in an ever changing universe… it’s almost comforting actually.