Interactive Disguises

Throughout the Hitman series, we have seen 47 wear certain disguises that allowed him to interact with some targets.

(Note: I’m not talking about disguises that allow you to bypass some obstacles. I’m talking specific disguises that allowed you to have a good amount of dialogue with your target while in that disguise.)

Some examples:

47 meeting Target; Rutgert Van Leuven, while disguised as a reporter

47 meeting Vaana Ketlyn, while disguised as her husband (and target) Anthony Martinez

47 getting close to his target (the groom) Buddy Muldoon, while disguised as the Priest

47 meeting his target, while disguised as (other target) Hendrik Schmutz

In the future for Hitman, what kind of scenarios would you like to encounter with a target while wearing a specific disguise? And what kind of disguise would it be to fit the situation in that mission?


Don’t forget about Abel de Silva!


I really liked the ‘pretend you’re the target’ scenario in The Author. I would like to see more of this. I think meeting commander Bjarkhov as Fabian Fuchs is one of the most memorable meetings in the franchise, with all the dialoge and the fact that 47 hugs the target. :joy: I enjoy completing a mission with everyone thinking one target killed the other, while it was 47 all along.


Yeah I always liked that one a lot, myself. However, I never understood why 47 declined the vodka offered by Bjarkhov. Not only was Fuchs a fan of Vodka, but by 47 refusing it (and going out of character) not only was that a very risky move, but he also raised suspicion by saying “no thanks.”

He knew he would have turned around to pour the drinks anyway after he asked 47. So to stay in character, he should have just accepted the offer. Just something that I always wondered…


I really like these as well! I loved the Helmut Kruger opportunity


So a quick scenario that I thought up. I don’t know how well it would work or fit in to the story but hear me out…

The target would be hosting a job interview. (They never met) 47 disguises as the guy going in for the job.

It could be for a funny conversation (think the Isle of Sgail the electric chair)

The target (interviewer) “So tell me, where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

“Tell me a time you handled a difficult situation and succeeded your goal.”

“Tell me a time you went above and beyond for a client.”

You know… think of the classic interview questions you normally hear lol knowing 47, I think he could respond to a lot of them in a subtle yet humorous way haha

What do ya guys think?


The answers 47 would give alone makes me want that to happen


Right!? I can just see it now :joy:

I wanna see him be a contest on a dating show or have him give a wedding speech


This one isn’t the case, because it’s possible to impersonate Schmutz in suit.
Anyway, nice thread!

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Oh yes, I know. Just giving examples of interacting with the targets. This one just so happens that you don’t have to wear a special disguise.

But thank you!

Weddings have been used a couple times already though in Hitman.

But it would be cool to make a wedding speech as one of the guests (to the bride or groom / Target.)

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If we ever get an aeroport/plane level then perhaps the level is on a timer. You have X time till the flight leaves. Once the timer goes out you are either on the plane or you fail the mission. If you wait to take the target out on the plane then you’ll have the opportuunity to disguise yourself as the flight attendant and poison his drink. That could be some funny dialogue. Or maybe it’s a lady target (or a gay guy) and on top of that opportunity you can promise the target some mile high club fun and then he will follow you for a kill opportunity.


I’m on board see what I did there lol :stuck_out_tongue: with the plane mission idea. Although, if I remember correctly, a lot of members here weren’t exactly sold on the idea. Don’t know why but teach his own, I think it could work very well if done correctly. Excellent suggestion @YacobT!

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Purely for nostalgia reasons, this is my favorite “Interactive Disguise.” Damn, I love Contracts.



Nah, sod that. The reasons should be obvious :grin:

Well there not lol just because a select few wouldn’t like it, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be good because, well you know… opinions

I’ll admit, it certainly wouldn’t be a favorite among speedrunners, I’m sure. But it would just be one level. Would it really be that forbidden? Plus, a level like that could still technically be done by speed running. Of course, the fastest time though would probably be 7 minutes lmfao but still. Could be done and a level like the one @YacobT mentioned (and I agree) would really be a breath of fresh air.

Something new, you know? I Hope this don’t strike you as offensive or an attempt to start an argument (definitely don’t want any of that) just giving my two cents is all :slightly_smiling_face:

I was going to mention that already if you hadn’t. That’s actually one of my favorite moments in the Hitman series because it makes perfect sense. Mohammad Bin Faisal Al-Khalifa and Hendrik Schmutz never met before, so you can easily impersonate Schmutz for the meeting. But since they’ve never met, why would it matter if Schmutz was wearing a brown jacket or a black suit? Schmutz could be wearing anything for the meeting, so 47 doesn’t need his outfit to impersonate him.

I’d like to see more moments like that with 47’s social engineering abilities just in his normal clothes. A black suit with a red tie is pretty much a “standard” outfit one could wear anywhere in the world and still blend in. Even with Abel de Silva - does 47 actually need his clothes to impersonate him? Why couldn’t a drummer be wearing a black suit and red tie?


Yeah. It also could be a thing with such opportunities like Whittleton Creek’s realtor, or Sal Falcone. If targets don’t know how those people are looking like, they wouldn’t mind about their clothes at all.

Because then you could just walk past all the guards straight into the penthouse in your starting outfit and it wouldn’t even make sense to have it be a restricted area in the first place.