Interactive Maps for HITMAN 2 (HITMAPS)

Over the past couple months, I have been working on a framework for interactive maps in HITMAN 2. The site is live over at (@Notex ended up discovering that I bought the domain before they were able to and spilled the beans over at I made an interactive map of Hitman Paris level :joy:). Anyhoo… a few things to note:

  • As of December 2018, all HITMAN 2 maps (and most of the HITMAN Legacy Pack maps) are fully complete (except for a few features down the road, such as disguises)
  • "How can I help?"
    • Several users have expressed interest in helping add items to map locations, and you can as well if interested (it may be tedious, but it’ll go faster if more people take part in helping :slightly_smiling_face:). I have set up a Discord server over at so we can all keep track of what’s being worked on. The website allows for anyone to make edits to the maps (wiki-style) via a simple UI.
    • The current priority right now is to add items to all of the HITMAN 2 locations, followed up the HITMAN legacy pack locations (including Patient Zero, Landslide, and master difficulty maps), which do not exist currently at

If you have any questions, feedback, or anything else you’d like to bring up, let me know!


Thanks for taking your time and creating the interacitve maps. It helped me alot in H1

Really cool! Thanks for the work.
Best community ever.

If I find the time I’ll gladly contribute by adding items.

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I had only bought the game a few days ago and just finished Whittleton Creek mission. After trying to recall the location of an item, I went to check on the Hitman3map site and was pleasantly surprised! Nice work @MrMike and all who have contributed to it!


Thank you for this, the previous site helped me a lot in Hitman 2016.


Thanks so much for your work. Great feature :+1:


Man you have my respect! Outstanding work!

They works fine and they’re even clearer than before with a nice choice of colours! I only have problems with selecting a single item after i clicked on “hide all”. It used to work and highlight only the single item, now it does not highlight anything! Also, do you plan to implement the “disguise safe zones” colorization on the maps like in the old version?

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by this. Could you write down each step you take (after clicking the “Hide All” button)?

Disguise safe zones are planned to be added at some point. You can view the current roadmap over at

I already reported this bug on Discord some days ago. When you press “Hide all” and then enabe specific item groups doesn’t work. Everything stays hidden.

That issue I made a note of. If that’s the same issue that @DDepersis is reporting, then it is next on my list to getting fixed (the part about items not being “highlighted” is what I’m not sure about… is it related to a search? or does higlighted == appearing on-screen?)

I can’t reproduce it atm, seems to work where I tested it so far. Will tell you when it happens again.

I’ll try to explain myself best I can! Sorry if I made English mistakes, not my first language.

If I wanted a single item highlighted(for example the eye drops on Miami) and all the others hidden, I can’t manage to obtain any results.

I click first on hide all, then through the search bar I click on eye drops and I expect to see ONLY the eye drops but nothing shows up on the map. As soon as I click on show all, everything shows up and the eye drops are highlighted!

I’m not sure if it’s intended to work like this but IIRC on the old site it worked as I described.

Thanks for the attention, hope my experience helps! Keep up with the good job, my gratitude :wink:

Ohhh okay, I get what you’re saying now. I see will show the item if it’s hidden when you search for it (that I didn’t even realize was a feature :laughing:)… I’ll add it to my to-do list.

First site is made by someone else so that’s not possible.

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In addition to what @Notex stated above, will include all legacy pack locations, so users should be able to view all locations in one place.


I’m having a look round the site now, great work its looking really useful

@DDepersis, I have just pushed out a change to the site that will now show the item you searched for if it is not already displayed (similar to how works).

Holy shit I just found out that this exists.Very awesome job!
The old was super useful when you needed a specific item and forgot where to find it. Awesome that this exists now for the new maps aswell!


Great job!

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oh my god, i finally found you again! Love your maps from H’16; helped the living hell out of me. thanks for your work continuing into H’18!
Also, really should work on the search tags to find this forum. Been trying to find your map for a few weeks and always came up with some incomplete bs article. (just remembered the word “interactive” and found you. usually hitman item locations or along those lines led me to your earlier maps, btw)
anyway, thanks again. bookmarking this now

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