Interactive Maps for HITMAN 2


Great job!

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oh my god, i finally found you again! Love your maps from H’16; helped the living hell out of me. thanks for your work continuing into H’18!
Also, really should work on the search tags to find this forum. Been trying to find your map for a few weeks and always came up with some incomplete bs article. (just remembered the word “interactive” and found you. usually hitman item locations or along those lines led me to your earlier maps, btw)
anyway, thanks again. bookmarking this now


This is a different guy, Winterbirds created


@mkoch227 Amazing job mate. The community publishing system is incredible and your project is open source, this is really great, thank you for that. I think I will add a link to your tool on next week-end.


Happy cake day @Notex


Really appreciate the maps you have created for HITMAN 2 and the Legacy Pack!


Happy birthday to you @anon80650173 :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh. Thank you kind sir.


@mkoch227 link added :smiley:


crap i thought IOI in this thread add interactive maps with moving colour points-peoples like in 2 3 & 4 Hitman


There is a second lethal syringe on the Miami map that is not showing on the interactive map. Could someone put it in? There is a cabinet in a small medical hut, just outside the kronstadt paddock. The medical cabinet itself is already marked.


Thanks for pointing that out @Herman_Svard
2nd Lethal syringe added.


In Sgail island, a bag of Gunpowder is marked as “Misc item” so it can’t be found with search feature. Should be set as Explosive.





Suggestion for two more things to add to the map for Isle of Sgail:

There’s an area where there’s an evidence recorder you can destroy - there are four regular guards in there. I believe there’s a fusebox, a camera, and a few other things in the area as well. The picture I’ve uploaded shows the location of the recorder and a box you can dump bodies in (or hide, I guess).


Just a small update on the site to share:

I’ve seen several posts on Reddit (and maybe some here on the forums?) recently about asking if it’s possible to receive notifications of when Elusive Targets are coming up / playable in HITMAN 2. Since nothing like that exists officially, I decided to add this functionality into

  1. When visiting the site, just click the notification icon next to the Elusive Target’s name.
  2. Simply follow the on-screen prompts to allow the site to send you notifications, and then subscribe to the reminders you wish to be notified about. Currently, you can receive notifications when an ET is coming up soon (usually when the in-game elusive target section is updated), when the ET becomes playable, and several reminders throughout the ET’s availability (7 days left, 5 days left, etc).

If you have any issues subscribing to notifications, etc, just let me know here and I’ll try to help


Very awesome. You’d think IO would have an app for the ETs. It could be absolute rubbish in terms of depth and it would still be amazing. You download it, turn on notifications and when an ET becomes available you get the photo of the guy/gal and that’s it. OR if that’s too much work, just allow us to input a cellphone number and agree to texts. When an ET comes live you could get a quick “please call the office -Diana”


For the maps I have to say they’re superb - but quite a task. I keep finding oddities that aren’t shown (last one was a propane tank in Mumbai near a food seller). Seems to be invitation only to edit the maps, is that right? Should I post things I find here? PM an edit to someone?


Join the discord server linked in the first post and Mike will most likely let you contribute.


Ah, I did read the first post on this but it was a while back. Thanks.