Interactive Maps for HITMAN 2


I just followed the discord link but it is not valid, hope to be able to contribute!


Oh. I’ll ask Mike once he comes online. (If he doesn’t see this thread before I tell him lmao).


Here’s the proper Discord invite. The one in my original post expired for some reason, but the one here (and also on the website’s footer) is still valid:


Thanks so much to @mkoch227 and everyone who has contributed to this wonderful site. It’s an invaluable resource to Hitman players everywhere, and your efforts are very much appreciated.


Thank you very much for your work, it’s very usefull. I would like to help you by localization into the german language if you want.


Hey, something I noticed. Why isn’t the Patient Zero campaign listed?


They are.


They’re under the “HITMAN™” campaign for consistency. I did not create a separate campaign as there isn’t any real benefit to keeping them separate from the rest.

The site currently does not support localization at the moment; however, if the community feels that translations would be helpful, please let me know either in this forum thread or on the HITMAN™ 2 Maps Discord so I am aware :slight_smile: