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Not sure whether to post this here or Contracts. However, I was browsing the web the other day and came across an interesting theory on Curtains Down and The beginning of Contracts.
We all know 47 gets shot and its by the person at the end of Curtains Down who is wearing the security uniform. In the opening cutscene of Contracts 47 states that the attacker “knew” him and looked him in the eye as he pulled the trigger.
Richard Delahunt if cornered in his box even states “It’s you the killer clone, they told me you’d come for me!” So, he was clearly tipped off, by The Franchise. So enough backstory, theory is that the unseen Mark I clone that was Puryahs and Parchezzi’s predecessor was the assassin. The gun that is in the cutscene is even a 1911 like Parchezzi’s and theory goes he failed and Fournier was sent after him, when you search Fournier he has a glock on him. I know that this seems like a stretch and it may very well be,I just thought it was an interesting theory. Because you see both Mark II and III but never the first one alluding to the fact that he died due to accelerating aging issues or perhaps 47 killed him in their scuffle.


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I like it. It makes sense and it doesn’t interfere with any of the pre-established writing. I’d assumed it was Fournier that shot him, but if that was the case, I doubt he would have survived the encounter. I got the impression, as you likely did, that after being shot, 47 twisted and shot his assailant (hence why he wasn’t running to his apartment. The threat was neutralised). When the scalpel didn’t work, the hammer was used.
It also fits with a news report during which an albino clone approached their target and fled on foot. And the albino clones were known to use disguises.

The gun, the Franchise link, Delahunt, I don’t see why this couldn’t work. And the reason why 47 didn’t go “I got shot by an…albino?” is because the albinos hadn’t been thought of until Blood Money was made.


Yeah it does fit pretty well. I am glad I am not the only one who thought so! Also It wouldn’t make sense why Fournier would approach 47 alone, and if he did I don’t see him walking away alive, and if he didnt then I don’t see how 47 would have walked away from Fournier and an entire team of police officers. Also it seems in-line with the clones personality to confront 47 before they killed him. Its a stretch since we know nothing about his personality, but I doubt Fournier would confront him instead of just shooting him in the back.


Sorry about the Necro but I replayed Contracts agin today and it could be a case of wording but nowhere in the intro or ending does 47 state that Fournier is the one who recognized him or shot him. All he says is “You know too much about me.” I believe this does lead credence to the fact it was most likely The original Albino clone who shot him, who 47 then killed.


All these characters are going to be Providence before it’s all over…


the IO writers are just like, hey look at this thing in one of the old hitman games, all of it was behind providence. See how deep our script is?


Joseph Clarence was the real leader of Providence Confirmed


Why did this post get more ‘likes’ than the original one which produced the theory? :stuck_out_tongue:


Cause they agree with you and it was worded better? :smiley: