Internet Regulations (news and discussion)

Heya, You might know that I kept a thread active about the EU Copyright Reform for quite some time. The feedback was not overwhelming, but those who posted were quite happy I collected the information about it and what to do about it.

Now I want to make this more general thread about the topic of Internet Politics. It will be a EU focus from my side with occasional US news, but of course it would be cool if others bring in some links from their side too. If there is enough interest I will also post things that are more limited to Germany.

My motivation is that this is quite an important topic for me. I am online since I am a kid and found friends when it was troublesome in real life for me. It is a great medium and we should try to keep it as such. :slight_smile: And the first step before action is knowledge.

I will update this post with resources that are useful in the future. For now this list of VPNs should help those who want to break free from access blocking or privacy invading surveillance. (I want to stress my advice here is only about legal use)

VPN list

I think I had a heart attack when I saw the title.:joy:


Yeah I just recently looked up the term in english and already hate it. :joy:

Maybe we find a better word for it, like digital politics or something.


Internet Law?

Not fitting sadly as a huge part of the topic is what is not in law (yet).

Maybe “Internet regulation” as a motivation for laws?

Sounds like legal advice how to set up your online shop. :thinking:


Internet and Legalities?

Internet Time With Urben?


Judging how the other thread went it would probably fit the best. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I mean most people both in and out of the EU didn’t care about the consequences of Article 13. Most people though of it as “that anti-meme article” and to be fair that sounds like the best law ever. I know there was a whole bunch of other information about news access and media control but most people never realised that would occur.

I don’t really expect this to change, but it is good to have a collection of knowledge how you do counter-actions against these regulations. And even if we are a minority, it gets better if we are connected.

Poland did.

At least someone cares

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Real mature Sean. How dare you ruin Urben’s mature thread.

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