Interview with a CICADA Bodyguard


Questions to ask:

Have you ever heard a normal-seeming random noise and decided to leave your post to investigate?
Why do you bother telling your colleagues you’re investigating a noise? It’s not as if they ever seem to pay attention, is it?
Do you often find random firearms on the ground then leave your post immediately to make them “secure” rather than ask a colleague who’s not on duty to come and get the gun from you even though you have a radio? See, I think you know they’re not paying any attention to you.
Have you ever found the need to puke all of a sudden?
Do you often wake up in a cupboard with a very sore head wearing only your underpants? Do you then feel sad and lonely and angry with your colleagues for not noticing your absence?
Or do they have these experiences frequently, too?


All the time. It is my duty.
I’m not talking to my colleagues, i’m talking to my headmaster, it’s in the protocol, again, it is my duty.
All my colleagues are in duty. It is my responsibility to pick up lost firearms or any other type of guns/weapons.
For the last couple of questions, yes.
Uhmmm…how do you know…?


“I see you’re wearing the same Nikes as me.”
“Yeah, I couldn’t find any shoes.”
IAGO auction music

That music made it sound so mysterious :smile:

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