Introduce Yourself


All members (particularly new ones) should feel free to introduce themselves to the Hitmanforum community in here.

So if you’re looking for an opportunity to say “Hi, I’m new” or “Hi, I’m from the old forum” etc. feel free to do so in this topic. We hope new/transitioning members will find themselves at home here – and be sure to consult the FAQ page.


I’m Terror, formally Choked on HMF.

[size=13]formally Maj0r…[/size]
[size=11]formally Funmachine…[/size]
[size=10]formally Serenity…[/size]
[size=8]formally Terror Risk…[/size]
[size=6]formally Angel_of_Death.[/size]
[size=5]there are others too…[/size]
[size=4]Get a life.[/size]


I am AGENT 58 from HMF
Doctor professor AGENT 58…


Hi, I’m still Numbers. I haven’t been superactive around these parts lately, and I’m not sure if I will be now, but I’m very excited about the new forum, all its members (both newbies and oldtimers) and the promise of a new Hitman game.

So hi!

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I’m Dark Sider from old HMF, now shapeshifted an underscore into my name.

@Dark_Sider I hardly recognized you with that underscore, dude. You’ve changed so much.

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I just abbreviated mine, hasn’t changed that much.

Well this sucks, I doubt I’ll be here as much as in the old forums. It’s been a good run.
The design is horrible and user unfriendly

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It’s all new. Let it sink in. Relax. The people haven’t changed.

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In what way is it user unfriendly?

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Sketch here.

A forum is it’s people, not it’s software. It’ll take time to adjust.



Hi, I am still Cold_Shadow with the underscore though :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m Heisenberg, also known as Heisenberg on HMF.

Hi I’m still Lewisnic1 :wink:

Hi, it’s BIGMAN131307. I’ve haven’t been so active lately. But I’ll try to be around more.

The Doormaker is back, too. :smiley:

318838 here from the good old HMF, I will still be lurking In the shadows on the new forum.

Harrooooo! It’s Welcome from HMF and Aybroe from the eidos forums.

Time to explore the new forum! I guess every preasa is avairabre inside…

I feel like we’re all moving house, haha.


@Appleman47 They won’t be destroyed. Even if the old forum won’t be there in the future (amp will keep it available for at least a year), you can still access it all via WayBack Machine which has archives of HF dating back to 2002.