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Peak times, I hope you find happiness in yourself one day man.


Ok, since couple of co-forumers are interested who am I and why the hell my Steam board shows so huge amount of in-game spent time I thought it would be good to tell a few words about myself.

Firstly, I was born on 17th of June 1988, parents gave me the name of Denis.
As every average guy I was attending shool and then university.
With some little remark: I’ve been studying English since I was 3. So, my parents saw me connected with some teaching practice or other similar shit. But personally I never saw myself like something teaching some mediocrities.
And when I grew up a little I may say so found myself in IT sphere.
I’m not so good at it yet, but I’m trying to do my best, cuz I kind of like this stuff.
And now I’m doing of a little freelancing in sysadmining and translations.
Also I’m fascinating in djing and mixing.
Played football half-professionally in my teenager years. Dreamt to become a profissional, but it didn’t work out.
Dunno what to add, so I think it will be enough for now


Well. I guess I should introduce myself.
You may have seen me in the june featured contracts topic.

As much as I don’t like to reveal too much about me, I’ll tell you a few things.

My name’s Christophe in case you haven’t figured it out with my alias. It’s pronounced Christoof. I’m a 30 years old French dude living in the east of that country. I’ve been studying English at the University so I like to think I have a decent level but it can be very crappy sometimes. I’ve also learned Spanish but it could and should be much better…

I first set my foot in the Hitman franchise with Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. I wasn’t very good at it and never fished it back then but I sure loved the Saint Petersburg missions. Then I lost track of the franchise until Absolution. It was a good game but it had its issues so I never fully appreciated it. My interest for the franchise grew when I grabbed the The Complete Season One boxed version (Remember Square Enix?) of the game. I didn’t know much about what the game was (Assassinations, duh. I mean gameplay wise) because I haven’t looked it up a lot. Since then I’ve been a big fan of the games especially the HITMAN™ ones.

I like stealth games. I’m a big lover of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. A franchise probably dead for ever. As much as I enjoyed MGSV, it was disappointing on many levels. Still a good game, though. I’m looking forward for the next weird Hideo Kojima game called Death Stranding.

I also love puns. Hitman is a perfect combination of stealth and puns. Doing puns in a foreign language is not that easy.

Well. That’s about it. Oh and I play on PS4 but I love and respect every platform except the Ouya. Peace!


Thank you for the kind words.
It’s seems I’ve won your heart! :grin:





Good for you. Good luck with that

We already have a similar thread. You can use it

Same here

Would be really good to know your name.
Everything else seems alright. You made it :slight_smile:

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Hello, this is Mr_Conductor speaking. I joined up a couple of months ago, but haven’t gotten around to actually posting anything yet, and figured now was a good time to jump in. Looks like a fun place.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. It’s mostly pretty good here. Do go to “yes or no” for the most intellectual discussions.

He was banned

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Oh, right. TeenTyrant. Oops.

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Hello my name is Gontranno47 (obviously not my real name :stuck_out_tongue:), I found this place while looking for details on the resort mission and figured I’d stick around.

A little bit about me: I’m a published author, I’ve travelled a fair amount, and…I’m…kinda tall? I dunno :sweat_smile:
My first experience of the Hitman franchise was playing the demo of Hitman Codename 47 on the PC and I didn’t have the slightest clue what I was playing. A bald dude running through an indoor obstacle course with Count Dracula taunting him. Then when it came to breaking out, I was stuck for ages because I didn’t know about the now famous disguise feature and I shot the guard that could have unlocked the door for me. When I discovered you could take someone’s clothes off, I was startled! In fact, I thought something lewd was about to happen, until I realised that ‘Hitman’ was now wearing the man’s clothes.
My favourite Hitman is Blood Money, but IO have done really well to create a spiritual successor in the form of HITMAN and HITMAN 2.

I hope to get chatting with some of you guys!


Hi. I recently discovered this great game when they gave it on PS plus quite a while ago. I added it to my backlog and left it there for a while. Eventually I got to download Paris and try it out it hooked me up. I had never played a hitman game before and I thought Hitman was an action shooter or something. I was greatly surprised when I figured out it was a sort of stealth game and that you could kill your target in multiple ways and make it look like and accident instead of just going in guns blazing. I am not a fan of stealth games but this game did hook me up. Love it.


I am Sergeant Hank, aka SargeHank, but my real name is Jed.
I’m only 13, but I am a MASSIVE Hitman fan. My first game was HITMAN (2016) and now I have all of the games (Though I can’t play Codename 47 because the controls are torture, and Silent Assassin doesn’t work, and Contracts is kind of boring, and Absolution wasn’t really… Hitman-y?). Annyways, I’ll probably only be here to post contracts, occasionally, but perhaps also to speculate for the remaining Expansion Pass content, and later H3.

Also, I love cats, and have 3.

My cats

^Jess, my kitty’

^The big one, Hank

^And Stage, my brothers (originally Sage, but Mac kept calling her Stage and it stuck)

And apart from cats and Hitman, I love cheese, tea, and Futurama - and the Simpsons, but only Seasons 3 - 15.
I also like ‘creating’ my own Hitman missions, but it is pretty hard just to come up with an idea and put it down on paper.

Anyways, I look forward to my time here, and may I stay for many Hitman games to come!


Wow your introduction was more interesting than mine, I like your cats! And you’re right, Codename 47 does have really awkward controls, I’m playing it again and I’d forgotten how bad the camera controls are!
What is your favourite Simpsons episode?

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Thanks! Your intro was great too.
My favourite Simpsons episode - well, hard to say, but I love Bart vs. Australia, the one with Tomacco, and the one with Pinchy the lobster.
Seeya round!

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Oh where he nearly causes a diplomatic incident? :stuck_out_tongue: I like the monorail one, with Lennard Nimoy!

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yo what’s up, I’m Witch. Grew up on the first four Hitman games, absolute classics. I don’t really care for the new games since Absolution (including). Maybe I’m only looking at the first four through nostalgia goggles, when really they ain’t banging either.

Anyway, if any old-school hmf mothafuckaz classes of '07-'012 still here hmu


Welcome to the forum, Witch! I think you’ll find a lot of people who still like the old classics, myself included :slight_smile:

Welcome youngling.
I am sure you would immerse yourselves into concept of hitman games like we old folks did 15 years back.
I , myself, am new here, but not new to the hitman games.



I discovered Hitman at the end of last year and got hooked on it in a way that I’ve never been hooked on a game before. (Which is saying something since I’ve probably been playing video games longer than a number of you have been alive. Let’s just say I remember monochrome monitors and floppy discs.) I’ve logged into Hitman, however briefly, nearly ever day since and am still amazed at the number of new things to discover or try.

Truth be told, I’ve been lurking around these parts for a while now (like the anti-social creep that I am) and have come to realize that I might have an opinion or two on things around here. Some of them might even be well thought out and you people seem nice enough for a group who spends their time trying to figure out how often you have to hit innocent people with an apple before they die.

If nothing else, it’ll give me a chance to thank the community as a whole for (unknowingly) helping me figure out the intricacies of this game. (And that I don’t have the patience to kill people with apples.)

So: Thank you.