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Oh, right. TeenTyrant. Oops.

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Hello my name is Gontranno47 (obviously not my real name :stuck_out_tongue:), I found this place while looking for details on the resort mission and figured I’d stick around.

A little bit about me: I’m a published author, I’ve travelled a fair amount, and…I’m…kinda tall? I dunno :sweat_smile:
My first experience of the Hitman franchise was playing the demo of Hitman Codename 47 on the PC and I didn’t have the slightest clue what I was playing. A bald dude running through an indoor obstacle course with Count Dracula taunting him. Then when it came to breaking out, I was stuck for ages because I didn’t know about the now famous disguise feature and I shot the guard that could have unlocked the door for me. When I discovered you could take someone’s clothes off, I was startled! In fact, I thought something lewd was about to happen, until I realised that ‘Hitman’ was now wearing the man’s clothes.
My favourite Hitman is Blood Money, but IO have done really well to create a spiritual successor in the form of HITMAN and HITMAN 2.

I hope to get chatting with some of you guys!


Hi. I recently discovered this great game when they gave it on PS plus quite a while ago. I added it to my backlog and left it there for a while. Eventually I got to download Paris and try it out it hooked me up. I had never played a hitman game before and I thought Hitman was an action shooter or something. I was greatly surprised when I figured out it was a sort of stealth game and that you could kill your target in multiple ways and make it look like and accident instead of just going in guns blazing. I am not a fan of stealth games but this game did hook me up. Love it.


I am Sergeant Hank, aka SargeHank, but my real name is Jed.
I’m only 13, but I am a MASSIVE Hitman fan. My first game was HITMAN (2016) and now I have all of the games (Though I can’t play Codename 47 because the controls are torture, and Silent Assassin doesn’t work, and Contracts is kind of boring, and Absolution wasn’t really… Hitman-y?). Annyways, I’ll probably only be here to post contracts, occasionally, but perhaps also to speculate for the remaining Expansion Pass content, and later H3.

Also, I love cats, and have 3.

My cats

^Jess, my kitty’

^The big one, Hank

^And Stage, my brothers (originally Sage, but Mac kept calling her Stage and it stuck)

And apart from cats and Hitman, I love cheese, tea, and Futurama - and the Simpsons, but only Seasons 3 - 15.
I also like ‘creating’ my own Hitman missions, but it is pretty hard just to come up with an idea and put it down on paper.

Anyways, I look forward to my time here, and may I stay for many Hitman games to come!


Wow your introduction was more interesting than mine, I like your cats! And you’re right, Codename 47 does have really awkward controls, I’m playing it again and I’d forgotten how bad the camera controls are!
What is your favourite Simpsons episode?

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Thanks! Your intro was great too.
My favourite Simpsons episode - well, hard to say, but I love Bart vs. Australia, the one with Tomacco, and the one with Pinchy the lobster.
Seeya round!

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Oh where he nearly causes a diplomatic incident? :stuck_out_tongue: I like the monorail one, with Lennard Nimoy!

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yo what’s up, I’m Witch. Grew up on the first four Hitman games, absolute classics. I don’t really care for the new games since Absolution (including). Maybe I’m only looking at the first four through nostalgia goggles, when really they ain’t banging either.

Anyway, if any old-school hmf mothafuckaz classes of '07-'012 still here hmu


Welcome to the forum, Witch! I think you’ll find a lot of people who still like the old classics, myself included :slight_smile:

Welcome youngling.
I am sure you would immerse yourselves into concept of hitman games like we old folks did 15 years back.
I , myself, am new here, but not new to the hitman games.



I discovered Hitman at the end of last year and got hooked on it in a way that I’ve never been hooked on a game before. (Which is saying something since I’ve probably been playing video games longer than a number of you have been alive. Let’s just say I remember monochrome monitors and floppy discs.) I’ve logged into Hitman, however briefly, nearly ever day since and am still amazed at the number of new things to discover or try.

Truth be told, I’ve been lurking around these parts for a while now (like the anti-social creep that I am) and have come to realize that I might have an opinion or two on things around here. Some of them might even be well thought out and you people seem nice enough for a group who spends their time trying to figure out how often you have to hit innocent people with an apple before they die.

If nothing else, it’ll give me a chance to thank the community as a whole for (unknowingly) helping me figure out the intricacies of this game. (And that I don’t have the patience to kill people with apples.)

So: Thank you.


I don’t think I gave a proper introduction to myself so better late then never.

Hi HMF! My Screen-name SwingSwang, but most people call me Swang or on my game platforms such as Xbox, PS4, or PC/Steam I’m referred to as Swangtheugly. My real name is Blake if anyone wanted to know. I joined the form almost a year ago due to wanting information on HITMAN 2 since I didn’t follow it as religiously back then. My almost year on the forum has welcoming with me meeting numerous people with the same passion that I have for this series. I don’t play HITMAN (Reboot series) nearly as much as most of the users since I personally prefer the original HITMAN Anthology with that being everything from C47-BM. Other game series I play are as followed.

  • Metal Gear Series

  • Alan Wake

  • Red Dead Redemption 1+2

  • The Mass Effect Trilogy

  • Kingdom Hearts Series

  • Uncharted Series

As for things outside of games I enjoy film, with my favorite film of all time being John Carpenters Halloween (1978). I also am skilled at playing piano, and dabble in video editing. I hope you guys learned something new about me. :slight_smile:


I’m not the official greeter, but welcome to the forum @Anti-Gravitas! :smiley: If you’re old enough to remember floppy disks (and the inevitable off-color jokes about having “an 8-inch floppy”) then you’ve probably born witness to the creation and rise of video games. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend you take a look at the earlier Hitman games - even if it’s just on YouTube - so you get an even better understanding of the events that shaped the world you’re playing in.

And belated welcome to @Swangtheugly! You have good taste in video games, I’ve been a massive fan of the Metal Gear series since the very first one (kinda like Hitman! :smile:); a lot of Hideo Kojima’s storytelling has influenced my own writing, including saving all explanation for a grand elaboration at the very end, when the audience has this grand epiphany about what the story was really all about :open_mouth:
What genre do you play on the piano?


Yeah, I’ve been aware of the Hitman games for a long time, just never got around to any of them until now. And I’m definitely planning of getting at least Blood Money and Absolution in the near future. (That way I can make up my own mind about how terrible Absolution is.) The only thing that worries me, knowing the history of gaming, is that the further back you go, the more awkward and annoying the controls get. (Played GTA III again recently and the lack of a free camera was horrible and made the gameplay that much more aggravating.)

You’re excused.

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Hi, i’m Alex, most people call me Lex.

Big hitman fan ever since i played a demo of the first game on PC.
Played every hitman on the playstation but still kind of a n00b, mostly because i don’t take the time to look around and see all the options :slight_smile:

Got on this forum when i was looking for the unlocks in hitman 2 and now hooked to get them all, but i’m afraid that a silent assasion raking in a elusive target won’t be happing (allthough i got pretty close in the Serial Killer)

Looking forward to join the conversations.


Welcome to the forum Alex, I too started with the Codename 47 demo :slight_smile:

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Hey all!

Ive been visiting for a couple years now, decided to join in today. Im new to the franchise since the reboot. Always hated stealth games for the most part, but Hitman 2016 blew my mind when i first played it. Kinda changed the way i look at games. Hitman 2 made everything better and it became one of my favourite games of all time really. Only other game ive put more hours into is EU4, and that doesnt count lol. That being said, i actually suck at Hitman and have very few pro sa/so under my belt. Recently ive been learning new tricks all over the place so im excited to start completing these challenges. See yall around the forum!


Welcome to the forum!


Haha and welcome to the forum!! Hope you enjoy your stay :grinning: