Introduce Yourself

Hi Houndfox. Nice to meet ya.

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Thanks y’all! Nice to meet you too :wink:

Dirt rally perhaps? Welcome

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Welcome new friend. I like to suggest a couple social threads that I think are great at taking the next step in making this forum a bit less anonymous.

Feel free to share a picture of yourself here:

And see where some of us live here. Read the initial post to see the easiest way to search for other forum members in your area.
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I don’t have that one yet… right now I’m still on DriveClub :wink:

I’m waiting for next year to buy a decent wheel to replace my G25… Then I’ll get Dirt Rally for sure :wink:

You game on PC?

@FantumX Thank you for these suggestions! I’m definitely going to check them out :wink:


Welcome and feel free to share here too. :wink:


Buckle up, buckaroo!


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No I’m a console peasant unfortunately. Lemme just recommend Dirt rally. The best driving game I’ve played in recent years.

That actually sounds like a cool thread :slight_smile: Your username and profile picture couldn’t be more perfect :smiley:

@Mr.46 Thanks!

@Pissfloyd I know the feeling :confused: I may switch to PC after the PS4 era (haven’t been so happy with Sony’s politic after the PS4’s release)… I’ve only heard great things about Dirt Rally :slight_smile: But it seems like the kind of game you want to play with a wheel to fully enjoy it… Or isn’t it?

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Well yeah a wheel makes it better but it’s very playable with a controller. There’s a shit ton of customization when it comes to setup deadzones and sensitivity.

Looking at you hitman


Then I might pick it up earlier :wink: I’m also waiting for GT Sports, although I have some concerns about this game… GT isn’t what it used to be unfortunately :confused:

Hello friends! Long time hitman fan here! I discovered this forum a month ago or so (Never knew about it) and my lurking time is now over :slight_smile: it sucks that ive not been aware of this forum, would have loved to discuss Hitman over this season, but i guess there is still time, and Hitman isn’t all you guys discuss here, so i guess im fine. Not to mention a second season has been comfirmed :stuck_out_tongue: Some info about myself: English is not my first language, 18 years old, just got a job as an industrial electrician after 3 years of studying and im loving it so far! In my spare time i like to play videogames (obviously) and while hitman is my favourite title, i tend to play lots of other stealth games like dishonored, deus ex and splinter cell. I also love racing games, The forza series being my favourite. See you around then guys!


As a veteran of 2 weeks, I hereby extend you a warm welcome, DiamondThief!

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It seems we’ll get along just fine.

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Welcome to the forum bro. Have fun, you can run into political debates, feminism debates, shitposting, small events, discussion about movies and TV show, discussion about hidden agendas, aliens, post photos, share love life all of that good stuff.
Oh and yeah well if you wana discuss Hitman then i guess you can do that too but we dont encourage that here, its counter productive to the forum’s general activities.
But sure yeah go ahed
Enjoy your stay


@Mr17 @Spods @KrugerSchmidts Thank you for the welcoming! :slight_smile:

Hahaha, love it!


Hey i’ve been looking over a bunch of stuff here for quite some time and i’ve finally decided to join. Hope to get to know all of you guys soon. I’m steven sanchez and i enjoy movies and writing. I also have a weakness for gaming (I can never stop). Anyways look forward to hearing from you guys! :grin:


Welcome to the Forum Steve!

Why did @reaper got suspended?

Welcome to anyone who joined after me :grinning:.