Introduce Yourself


Hi @TheChicken. Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your stay in here!


Hi, I just joined! I’ve been playing Hitman since July 2016 and I just wanted to say I absolutely love it!!!


Hi and welcome to the forum, @BossThundero. Enjoy your stay!


Thanks!(how did you reply so fast)


That’s a bear secret. Kidding. Just saw the notification below about a new post in this thread.


lol, thanks anyway for the welcome!!!


Same! :smile: Just joined the first Hitman Game this year in July!


Hello everyone! I am both new and old! I have actually been a part of the Hitman community since the second game was released, and used to be known as Ronny around these parts. But after Absolution and all the changes around here kind of drifted away.
Any of the old guard still here? Like Agent17?


In that case welcome back to the forum.


Welcome Back to the forum!


Sgg847 still shows up here and there and makes amazing comments.


17 is gone… This is, 47. :joy:

No, 17 is still around, although I haven’t seen him in quite some time.

Anyway, “welcome back” I guess I should say lol


Hi, I go by Golem25 on PSN, Steam, and most any other community I’ve ever been on.

I am completely new to this particular site, although I have been with the franchise since I played Absolution for the Trophies when I got the game for free via PS Plus. While I found that game rather underwhelming (like many others here, I imagine), and put it down the moment I got the Platinum, the (old) concept of the new game intrigued me enough to buy it at launch. I’ve sunk many hours into the game since, with a 5 month break to live and study in Singapore without my rig, and am currently catching up on episode 4, 5, 6, and the summer offerings.

My reason for joining you all here is that I’ve decided to try and publish self-made Contracts on PC (I never made the jump to PS4), which I’d love to see played by fellow fans, as well as wanting in on the discussion regarding the future of the game. Looking forward to getting to talk to you all!


Welcome @Golem25

I am a PS4 user, so I look forward to seeing some of your contracts :slight_smile: (assuming that’s what you play Hitman on)


I’m on PlayStation too, welcome to the forum!


Hi and welcome to the forum, @Golem25!


I know most of you know me but I felt like with all the new members I should introduce myself again. My name is Kyle, I’m 26 and I live in England. I started with Codename 47 on PC and I have followed the series ever since.


TheOneWhoKnocks @JDMHatch_G @scm97tl Cheers lads! Forgot to mention I play on PC, edited my original post for clarity.


Your dead to me now, just kidding :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


New members can only reply to two others in one post, don’t blame me X)