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Hi and welcome to the forum, @DoubleSpy. Enjoy your stay!


Welcome to the forum guys! Enjoy your stay!

@Mr.46 “Another Brother?”
…Thought I killed all of you back in Romania…?


Welcome to the forum @DoubleSpy. I’m a newbie myself but have enjoyed the interaction so far. Lot’s of great gamers here and a lot of great contracts to try! Hope to see you around the traps. Cheers!


Welcome to the forum @DoubleSpy!


HI! don’t be so hard on yourself. enjoy your stay


@Rebecca_Willow. Wuddup fam.


Seems like the right place :sweat_smile:



Not a nice thing to say.


good you deleted it. was about to flag you for threatening to kill a new member.


If you dont like it, i have one recommendation for you.


@Rebecca_Willow don’t worry, I don’t want you dead. I apologise.


You’ll fit right in with all of us other losers. Or maybe it’s just me, I forget.


Welcome, welcome. Enjoy your stay here:)


I always visited this forum when i did not know how to kill an elusive target. Signed up earlier today, so that maybe I will also have the possibilty to help people, and to like the contracts here. :slight_smile:
Hitman(2016) is my first Hitman game, and I never thought I would enjoy it so much. Paris was the only location I had for a long time, I think I played it ~40 hours, which makes it my favourite map.


Hello! Make sure to check out some of the earlier games when you have the time, they don’t fall short of this new Hitman!


Welcome to the forum! I do recommend playinge arlier games if you are new to the franchise (like me)


Hi and welcome to the forum, @ledorianx!


Welcome to all the new members.


Welcome @ledorianx to the forum and the Hitman franchise. I have also recently joined the series this year and I also enjoy it! Hope you have fun on this forum! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi guys MontezumahCHP is here, nice to be on Hitman forum. The meaning of CHP is CERTIFIED HITMAN PLAYER!