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Hello @Divine_Avenger @Bsonstott @Skizoh
Welcome! :sunny:


Hello guys, I’m a french Hitman fan (since the second opus), and more globally a stealth games player. I bought Hitman 6 when it was physically released, and I’m enjoying it since then.
I subscribed to the forum to share with you my love for speedruns :relieved:


Welcome to the forum! I look forward to seeing your runs!


Hi and welcome, @Sphynge.


I’ve posted one that you’ve already liked :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey @Sphynge welcome. :slight_smile:


Hi there,

Colorado Outlaw here. Posted at old forum a while ago when Absolution just came out. Just got the game on disc for Xbox 1 as I did not want to buy it digitally. Once I learn the new maps I plan on creating some contracts. Look forward to discussing Hitman with everyone!


Hi and welcome, @ColoradoOutlaw!


Welcome! I look forward to playing your contracts!


Hello Colorado Outlaw! Nice to see more Xboxers here :sunglasses:


Hi I’m a new member of this forum but a Hitman Fan since playing H2 for the first time. I hope I can hang with you guys, the pros…


Hi and welcome, @StealthShadow!


Welcome to HMF! Don’t worry, some of us are human…


Hello everyone.
Im Shawn Pohyar from San Francisco Ca. Im a gamer, youtuber, trainer, and I love HITMAN SERIES.
I just found out hitman had a forum from watching the BREAKING OUT OF THE BOX video. I loved watching the history and seeing what the team has gone through. I just purchased my copy on ps4 of hitman and im excited to go on this journey of agent 47.


Heya and welcome, @Shawnpohyar!


welcome. everyone here suck at playing hitman tho. especially @Fortheseven. he’s just so slow it’s unbearable


Welcome to HMF @Shawnpohyar!


Hi @Shawnpohyar Hey @StealthShadow welcome!


Thank you @mungadungalis I love the Hitman series sooo much. But unfortunately I have only played till BM. Hoping to play the rest :heart_eyes:


Greetings, fellow digital assassins.
I’m new to these parts.
I tend mostly to lurk, unless provoked/inspired. :wink:
Big fan of HM since the first one I played: HM:SA.
Happy hunting, 47s!