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Heya and welcome, @Alpinwolf.


Hi there, I’m new here! I hadn’t noticed this forum before I played the whole Hitman franchise. Wish I could have pleasant conversations with you guys here!


Heya and welcome, @theWizard!


Hello @Alpinwolf and @theWizard !


HI I am Urben.
I am a german soon-student and spend my time at the computer with gaming (Hitman atm obviously, but I love a Worms Armageddon match from time to time, Fallout 4 seems to be my most-played game in Steam), photoshop or browsing the internet and discussing, often about political/philosophical topics. I am in the internet since… uh early 2000s. I am glad to never have used my real name online so I dont have to fear assassinations for what I do online :slight_smile: Cheers!

EDT: Oh I joined because I wanted to know where to post my contracts and someone told me to do it here. But it seems to be a good place for more than just dumping contracts! :smiley:


Heya and welcome, @Urben.


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Worms Armageddon was my childhood <3


Hi @Urben I love Fallout 4 too :relaxed:


Welcome to the forum :grinning:


Hello, everyone, someone may have seen me on /r/Hitman, I’m an active use there.

Name is Denis, from Russia. I played Hitman for the first time in 2007-2008 and my first game in the series was Silent Assassin (I still fondly remember St. Petersburg levels). Over the course of time I’ve played and completed all of the games (except Codename 47) several times but became an active fan only after the latest installment in the series was released.

Hitman 2016 has all I love about the videogames - sandbox, stealth, creativity + great community. It even made me create reddit accounts and finally upload videos to my Youtube.

I was watching some threads on Hitman forum for a while but decided to register to participate in the Hitman Roulette competition. Hope I’ll be a bit more active from now on, heh.


Welcome to HMF @Serious_Pony!


Hello! My name is Wade. I mainly signed up because I am experiencing some issues with the physical edition of Hitman on PS4.


Welcome to the forum Wade!


Heya and welcome, @Wade_Williams!


Welcome to HMF! Yeah, a lot of people have been experiencing issues. Hopefully you can get it sorted out!


@Wade_Williams ya got wood man… Why do you have wood…? :joy:

Welcome to the forum! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thats what i thought too.
You know you are hitman crazy when every wade reminds you of wade from Absolution.


Just signed up but been coming on this forum for many months for tips and information :slight_smile: … love Hitman!


Welcome, @Bradley_1888.


Thank you! can’t wait for Season 2!