Introduce Yourself


Welcome to the forum @Bradley_1888!


Hey everyone, I’m Crazyman54 and it’s great to be here


Heya and welcome, @Crazyman54.


I posted something in the Absolution thread, I hope it fits.


Welcome to the forum @Crazyman54!


Thanks dude, glad to be here


I’m 253, brand new to the series. Purchased the silver book edition and am loving it. Hoping I am not to late to earn that winter suit I hear so much about!


Welcome to the forum! Care to explain your username (I’m curious)?


That’s how many confirmed hits I have… Nah just kidding. Nothing that cool, it’s our area code out here in Washington. Was going to go for 253_Mike but when I typed in the 253 it said it was available so I took it.


Welcome to the forum


Welcome to the forum, 253. You know, normally people choose usernames with actual letters from the alphabet, but whatever floats your boat, i suppose…


I drew my inspiration from the infamous 47 :wink:


Just out of interest, who is the 47 in your pro pic, I can’t place him…


Timothy Olyphant from the movie. I quickly grabbed a pic just to have someone on there


Whoa, it sure doesn’t look like Olyphant.
Or am I mistaken??


Your profile picture isn’t Timothy Olyphant. The guy is from this video.


Still a better Hitman movie than the first two :joy:


Well I guess I don’t know who he is then lol


@Vinnie_Sinistra that’s a great vid man, Upto the point where 47 turned into a mass murderer.
@253, good thing I had a Timly suspicion (bad pun alert) that it was not Olyphant…


What’s cracking, nigga?? :joy::yum: