Introduce Yourself


Hi ageing, welcome to HMF. Good to see you came from the munga streams.:grinning:


Hey there yeah, I recognised your name from Munga’s streams. I’ve recognised quite a few names. Should have joined sooner but hey, I’m here now. Thank you!


Hi I am new to the forum and really enjoying the new PS4 Hitman series.


Hello. I’m new to this forum, been fan of Hitman since 2012. But I’m embarrased to admit that Blood Money, Absolution and 2016 Hitman are the only ones I’ve actually finished. But maybe some day


Welcome to HMF @SPANDAU-SERF @Flinck!


Thanks for the welcome Silverballer


Hello. New here. Seems like a cool forum


Na mate you are not welcome here, everyone is welcome except you. You can def gtfo. @Fortheseven


You are not very welcoming bruuuuuuuuu


Hey i´m Deadman1996, in Playstation Network you can find me under the name: inselkaempfer96

I´m completly new here…I just love the Hitman game series and liked the idea to visit the forum. So Hi everybody


Hi there dennis Welcome to the forum.


Welcome to HMF @Deadman1996!


Heya and welcome, @Deadman1996!





You’re all in time for “National Hitman / 47 Day”

Today is April 7th ( 4/7 )

Be sure to drop in this thread and join the fun! :smiley:


G’day, I’m a long time hitman player, and i check this forum a lot, but I’ve never had an account.


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome @AgeingFPS !!


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Heya and welcome, @All_Things_Hitman.