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Hello Joey, welcome :slight_smile:



Hey Joey, How you doin’,Welcome to the forum :grin:


Hi there, I’ve been lurking here since past week and finally decided to post something. Given the recent bad news, I should have come here at a better time. :disappointed_relieved:
Btw, I’m brazilian and my english is not very good, so if I make a mistake feel free to correct me.


Hi I’m Alex from Serbia, huge fan of Hitman games : ), i’m new to this forum, made my acc yesterday and what I love the most is a chance to post my contract to the “Member contracts” topic and in that way share mine and doing the contract from other players.
The problem is that today I can’t post it anymore because it’s says that I’m new member, fresh meat :slight_smile: which is fine I get that but can someone tell me when would I be able to post/replay my contract there again?


@Darkwing47 @Don_Coa welcome to HMF :slightly_smiling_face:


@Silverballer Thank you! :slight_smile:


You’ll be able to do so when you’re a basic member. Read a few topics, post a few replies and that should happen relatively quickly.


Welcome Alex,I’m from Serbia as well.
How old are you?


@AGENT_58 Cao cao, pa pisi na srpskom :smiley: 26, ti?


Hahahah nije bas prikladno da se ne pise na engleskom,18


hi there, i’m Distilled_chaoS. been playing hitman for some time. my first entry was absolution, so i’m a bit late to the party. i’m hoping to play some of the older games eventually.


Welcome to the family! Hope you enjoy the older games when you get to them! :slight_smile:


Welcome to HMF :smile: The older games are great, I’ve recently played through them and loved it.


Welcome to the forum. But play the classics, as soon as you get a chance to. They are the foundation on which IOI built an empire.:kissing_heart:


Hey, Kaslyne04 here :slight_smile: I’ve been addicted to hitman since contracts, and have been a regular visitor of this forum for a very, very long time… I was kinda shy so I never created an account… :grimacing: Well, the recent happenings to IO finally pushed me to do it…


Welcome to the forun, @Kaslyne04. Yeah, we harbor many lurkers!


Welcome to the forum :smile:


Oh, brazilian? Where exactly? Sorry for the late reply. What’s your favorite football team over there?


I’m from Minas Gerais. And I actually don’t like football. I know, pretty strange in a country where football is a national passion. :joy: