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Hello everyone, I wondering if anyone dropped a significant number of points in rankings today? I went from number 225 to 1100 in one day!!! That is insane! Is there anyone who can figure this out? Thanks!!


Sorry about that! It was on Sniper Hitman Android game.



I was referring to the top assassin scores on the Hitman Sniper Android
game. As I moved up in rankings, I eventually got to number 225 on the
Assassin Top Score list. As of yesterday, I dropped to number 1,137. I
wasn’t sure as to why, so thought I would ask the question.



Don’t know about good!, but I had a score of 28 million plus…got
the video to prove it!


Hello! My name is Marc, and I first started playing HITMAN in 2016. At the time I didn’t have an Xbox One so I went with Hitman Blood Money for the PS2 and had a go. Unfourtunately I didn’t do very well (either the controller or that I was really bad). So in March I finally decided to purchase the first season of Hitman 2016. And you know what? I.LOVE.IT. I don’t believe it’s about the murder or the killing, but the strategy and the stealth behind the games. As of May 18th I still haven’t completed all the levels to Mastery but I still play to complete these challenges and hopefully train my brain to be more patient and thoughtful in real life (but definitely not training my brain to be a Hitman, nooo). I’d be happy to help anyone with anything regarding HITMAN 2016 as well as giving my own questions on this site as well. I hope that Season 2 comes out as normal & here’s to Agent 47! drinks to toast but makes sure there isn’t a lethal poison vial in the drink just in case. Bye Bye for now!


Welcome to HMF @Marc_Jackson :grin:


Welcome to the forum, @Marc_Jackson. PS It’s always good to check the drinks offered by the HMF members :yum:


Hey people i am Marat from Bridgeport, CT and i am glad to be a party of your community! funnily is i found your hitman site by searching for pharmacy reviews but they do seem to be having some connection between one another :smiley:


Welcome to the club! @Leaved


Welcome to the club, @Leaved!!


Hey I’m new to this forum, is there a way on a mobile device to jump to a page rather than scroll?


Hello @DeadManStare and welcome! Ofc there is, first tap on 1378/1378 and then on “jump to…”


Thank you so much! I’ve been scrolling the whole time hahaha


Is there a way to follow people in this forum or add friends?


Hi Marat :slight_smile: @Leaved 2020


Hi Marc! Welcome to it. HITMAN 2016 was my first and has become my #1 :slight_smile:
Edit: I wrote a bunch of xbox stuff then realized you’re on ps4. :confounded:


Wait, what??? No i’m on Xbox One :joy:


I don’t know of anything like that. You can hop on our discord tho, you can add friends there.



i didnt include all info in my bug report thread post and deleted it, now i cant add a new report cause im new to the forum.

spaggiari subversion, pc
at lvl 4 of the escalation i get a fail on the Church staff guy on kill condition “by garden shredder” when kill condition is shown as wear priest disguise


I am Nisaii from Hit Man 2016 PS4, I am from Australia and stopped by to ask a question, can you skip certain episodes if you purchase one out of order on the PS4. Anyway, I love playing my Hit Man 2016 on PS4 cause it brings back memories from Hit Man Absolution. Anyway, Nisaii stopping by to say Hi, Glad to meet you all.