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Hello fellow countryman,

To answer your question, I believe you can skip certain episodes and purchase out of order.


Thanks mate, good to see another fellow countryman


It’s a swan, not a duck.


@Batman should be banned. So you can annoy him and ask him to leave every time he posts.
He is the one with the weird black circle profile picture.

He also likes to imitate people (it’s a troll thing)



Hey I’m Amy, and in truth I’ve joined to get help with Hitman (2016) because I’m actually on level 1, I don’t know, it just seems SOOOOO much more difficult than any other instalment in the franchise and I’m not a hardcore gamer by any means so I just find it really monotonous and almost impossible!


Do you mean Final Test or The Showstopper?


The Showstopper, I know, I’m a pathetic excuse for a gamer haha!


Well, just look around and listen out for opportunities. If you have them on full you shouldn’t have much trouble at all, but I recommend using them on minimal if you’re struggling. Bare Knuckle Boxer and 15 Seconds of Fame are both pretty easy to follow if you want the easy route.


Hi everyone, i’m Michele from Italy! I’m new here, but not new to the game :wink: I play on XB1 and i’m looking forward to play some good contracts from the community here, which seems to be great! Have a nice day y’all!


Benvenuto nel forum. From where you from in Italy? There are quite a few here


Grazie!:relaxed: I’m from Sassari, Sardinia.


Welcome Michele. I’m italian too. You have my same name.


Thank you too :relaxed: Glad we share our beautiful name :grin:


Welcome to HMF :smile:


Hello! I’m honored to be a member of the new Hitman forum. Now that IO is away from Square E - I am sure that we can make a way better community for the game, and company.

I’m an avid fan of the amazing projects; worlds; created by IO in both Hitman and Kane & Lynch series. Also a Fragile Alliance lover! (Multiplayer of Kane & Lynch).

Hobby-wise, Java development, assembly code and C#. On my very free time, I do a lot of reverse-engineering, countless of hours in OllyDbg; writing code, xDelta patches for software, and helping out here and there; trying to bring my best to the community!

See you lovely like-minded around!


Heya and welcome, @FragileAlliance.


Welcome to the forum @FragileAlliance :smile:



I have been a fan of the Hitman franchise since the beginning (late Fall of 2000). The story is intriguing, and I enjoy the emphasis on exploration and creativity. I just completed the final location in Hitman 2016 and am starting to backtrack to locate all of the official and unofficial opportunities I initially missed.


Heya and welcome, @Counterpoint.


Welcome FragileAlliance :sunglasses: