Introduce Yourself


So many friendships and arguments during them times haha :smiley:


New member. Been playing Hitman since Silent Assassin and I enjoyed the Kane and Lynch series too. Glad to be here.


Welcome @JohnMaynard to HMF! You should really check out “The Torture Chamber” Thread. It might suit you! :smiling_imp::wink:


Hey Guys

I am Andreas, one of the designers on Hitman.
I have been stalking the forum for long enough now and finally pulled my self together and made an account!

Hopefully this pushes me to interact more with you guys :slight_smile:



Welcome, Andreas. It’s always good to see IOI more involved w/ the community.


Nice to meet you, Andreas! Looking forward to your posts and comments!


Welcome. Plate carrying and any food related kills would be awesome just in case you happen to get stuck with design ideas! :sweat_smile:


Hello, Andreas! We’re pleased to have you.

Why not make your initial mark by telling us a tiny story about working on Hitman? Any crumb will do!


Hey Andreas! Welcome! Like it has been said above, it’s always nice to see member of IOI in the forum!!


Hi there! I’m Fabian and new to this forum. I’ve finished Hitman: Absolution a while ago I think I’m gonna purchase Hitman 2016 season 1. I’m getting more and more interested in the franchise so that’s why I’ve joined the forum.

I’ve heard that IOI is on it’s own now, away from Square Enix, so i’m also hoping for a season two! So I can also play the Elusive Targets. Looking forward to a pleasant stay here! :sunglasses:

Kind regards,


Heya and welcome, @Faex!


Welcome to the forum @Faex! If you’re quick enough, you may even be able to catch this final ET!


Thank you both! And @silverballer yes that’s true! Maybe I will :). There’s a week or so left I think to catch the final ET.


Hi, im Masi85. I’m new to the forum :slight_smile:


Heya and welcome, @masi85!


I am new here, a long time Hitman fan.


Welcome to the Forum!


Hey @Faex & @masi85 & @TheGoodKiller hope you all have a good time here!


I’m brand new, mostly played BM, Absolution, and H6. I have high hopes for season 2, and the series as a whole with IOI gone rogue. :sunglasses:


Heya and welcome, @Jables5!