Introduce Yourself


Hi @Jables5 welcome to HMF! I’m in the same boat as you however I’ve not even gotten past Showstopper in H6 yet through lack of time!


Hi I’m M R Gaming. New to this forum and Hitman 2016 is my first experience of Hitman. I run a youtube channel that I post my Hitman vids on. Please come find me at

Also let me know yours, so I can check yours out.


Welcome mate, although I don’t do the whole YouTube thing!


Nice to see you here, @MRGaming. For some strange reason there is a clickable link in your post on the words “let me”. I think it’s because you put a dot between the words and the forum software thinks that the .me is a top level domain.

I seem to have missed welcoming quite a few recently. I know you’ve been here for quite a bit now, but we’ve not crossed posts yet. So welcome to HMF, @Emo_Amy. I see you’re from the wonderful city of Glasgow. I live in England, but I have friends who live there and I always enjoy visiting.


Thanks for the belated welcome haha! And yeah I live near Glasgow, I’m originally from Ireland in fairness.


What about my welcome?


You came last year you’re essentially part of the furniture mate.


Welcome to you too! If you’re new to the game then you might want to check out the following video for some tips.

The guy who made it is a bit of a noob, so you might find it helpful if you’re just starting out. :smirk:


I am not your mate, pal


Thanks for the welcome and the link mate! But i don’t like to speedrun


Nah, you’re right. Speedrunning is for losers. It’s all about the realism.


Yeah we need some more REALISM in the game.




Hello to everyone as well im new member of the forum and well also female one too . Dominique age 25, and well also freshly new Hitman fan too. Just wanted to say hi to all


Hey and welcome Dominique!


Welcome and enjoy your stay. Good to have more grills around.


Frote! How simply wonderful to see you here


Hello everyone! My name is Michael and I’m a huge hitman fan(played them all except for C47 even though I will catch up eventually) and this has always been one of my favourite franchises. I also have been on this forum for quite a while but only now decided to make an account.


Welcome to the forum, @Chigurh47!


(Not) Welcome back to the forum, Uber!