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I can’t believe it was 2 years ago…
Nothing changed about my love to Hitman games. I am still the same ‘very big fan’ of Hitman.

I’m happy that I joined this forum then. Looking forward to next many, many years with You, Guys!


Hi there! I’ve been off this site-forum since I completed all the Hitman: Absolution challenges (first things first, the 100% of the game xD) and now that I’ve managed to get a retail copy of the Hitman First Complete Season (steel box edition, of course), I’m back to share my experience as I complete this game and I hope that you can solve me any doubts as they may appear. One more thing, I have very good memories of @Watson @sgg847 back then!

Best regards!

Maperez :wink:

PS: Sorry for my awful gramatical structure, I’m from Spain and my english competences are a little bit rusty…


Better late than never!

At some point during season 1 we hired a new producer which was a personal friend of mine. He used to work for an energy company where they usually talked about “maintenance on pipes”, “new orders” etc. all related to the businees around energy.
On his first day at IOI we stood in a meeting and I was talking with another coworker where we discussed how and if drumsticks can kill people if you throw them at someones head!
That is when you realize you are in a totally different environment than every other business. Killing people on a daily basis just have a habit of starting some weird conversations.

The research for some of the kills can also carry you to VERY questionable websites…


My name is…




Hello! I’m Plaxsin (same nick on Steam), 24yo, Brazilian and Mechanical Engineering student. Started playing Hitman from Absolution and I’m loving 2016 (almost 100hrs). I’m an active member of Hitman reddit sub and Steam forum as well. I’ll try to check things out here too from now. :slight_smile: Nice to meet you, guys!


Welcome to the forum, @Plaxsin! Enjoy your stay.


Hello everybody, I’m Rookie_Agent47 I was a member here last year but I forgot my account info :unamused: anyway I’m looking forward to reconnecting with those of you that know me as well as getting to know new hitman enthusiasts :slight_smile: have a nice day.


Hey @RookieAgent47 welcome back


Hello everyone. I love hitman. I am from india. I enjoy gaming, beer, women and running.


Thanks Hitwoman glad to be back cheers.


Hey Rookie, I know you from many comments under my videos. :wink: Welcome

And welcome trashcan. Feel free to dump your stuff here lol :smiley:


Hi everyone! I’m from Spain (sorry if my English isn’t very good) and this last Hitman is my first game of the series. I’m enjoying it very much and if Season 2 finally comes out, I’ll definitely buy it.

Have a nice day!


Welcome to the new peeps. Welcome to the fun forum. It’s always nice to see new members.


Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum never been active within game forums in general but the latest Hitman game relit the fire inside for discussing strategies, changelogs, lore and playthroughs of this amazing franchise (never finished Codename 47 however ), looking forward to future discussions. :ok_hand:


Welcome honorable Guest, every Pleasure is available Inside.


Welcome Diego :slight_smile:
HITMAN 2016 was my first Hitman game also. I love it.


Hey Andreas,
I’ve had the same discussion!
The consensus seems to be that if thrown with enough force and ballistic integrity, yes, one could use a drumstick to kill someone’s head. :smiley:


Welcome on board. Don’t forgot to check out player community contracts, some are dastardly fun.


Welcome back to the Hitman forum dude.


Welcome @Galaxy I’m on twitter too @Martinrobo123 send me a follow and I will give one back